Does anyone use a hammock?


Does anyone use a hammock? Do you have a recommendation on what setup to get?

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  1. Get the nylon straps unless you are knowledgeable with knots is my 2 cents.

  2. Make sure you get an underquilt or at least a sleeping pad. You lose a lot of heat through the bottom. ENO makes awesome slap straps and there are tarps/skeeter nets to help in those climates.

  3. Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Zip. Its a nice all in one with attached mosquito netting. There used to be a seller on ebay that will upgrade to a large tarp for free and add in snake skins. I prefer to use it with straps and carabiners vs their knot method. Wise Owl brand on amazon (similar to Eno atlas straps) have worked well.

  4. Been hammock camping for years. But just ordered a rider rest stand last week. Hopeing to try it soon.

  5. Go buy a cheap one at wal mart and make sure you like it first

  6. I would definitely recommend tree straps as the first investment, then an under quilt there is a brand called One Tigris that is actually good and priced well). Do not underestimate the importance of an under quilt in sub-70 degree temps. Just save the headache and hassle and buy it.

    From there, a bug net, and lastly, maybe a tarp, like a Kelty Noah's 12.

    My personal setup is- ENO Doublenest, ENO bug net, Kelty Noah's Tarp 12, and the aforementioned One Tigris underquilt.

  7. Yes. Two trees. Lol

  8. I just bought a set up… Still to try…

  9. . . Clark . all season . . .

  10. eno hammock, eno underquilt, eno tarp. you can buy it in a set.

  11. I agree! Don't jump in with both feet! It may not be for me! Only good for the zombie back sleepers! I move around way too much…..

  12. Never seen a hammock at a motorcycle rally. But I have spent a week in a tent during a rain storm

  13. For an under quilt a military woobie/poncho liner has always worked well for me and if you can find them they are usually cheap.

  14. Good Lord. Hammocks, campers, air conditioning. BS. A mummy bag and MAYBE a shelter half. Anymore than that you need to stay home. You're not a biker.

  15. . . I never Liked Laying on rough bumpy ground . . . Time To Elevate Your Life and Quit being a Ground Dweller . . with Ground in-somnia . .

  16. yes, i use a hammock. a dutchware wide double layer, half zip. stuff my sleeping pad between the layers and sleep just fine not on the ground.

  17. Thanks to everyone for some good advice. I ordered a set up that wasn't too cheap but hopefully useable. Planning on a trip around Lake Superior second week of July. Going to do the hammock/tent this year instead of hotel room.

  18. . . you might look here for any questions you might have . .

  19. Camping only In trees with hammock

  20. Lay down on a bedroll under your warm pipes. Let the tick tick as they cool lull you to sleep.

  21. Make sure you get the angle of the hammock right. It makes all the difference.

  22. Have continuous loops on both ends, connect them to tree straps using the toggle method. Hardly any knots necessary that way.

    If you use carabiner as a toggle, you can hang your bag offs off the ground.

    A hangle (30 degree angle) and other accessories from dutchware really work and make things easier.

    Also. I would suggest an adjustable Ridgeline.

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