Does anyone know what model number the ecu is?


Question about the Athena ecu. Does anyone know what model number the ecu is? I’m trying to find more details on it but I can’t find any information on it at all. Thanks!

My bike is: Benelli TNT 125

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  1. I'm working on a solution. If I make a breakthrough I'll let you know. But if there's an easier path that be awesome haha!

  2. Hi, I´m not sure if it´s a good idea to try to "tune up" this engine, as the gain will be quite small (few horses?) compared to the loss (of money spent on tuning + affected reliability).. Just my opinion, as I´m a little concerned about what mileage can this engine atually do in serial state (couple of tens of thousands of miles max?).. Thanks for your opinions..

  3. Would be nice to have the opportunity to remap it

  4. Right. That would make sense. Use Athena ecu and Delphi map. Obviously this is all for remapping or wiring in a power commander or juicebox of course!

  5. Its tricky…. The map on it should be Delphi.

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