Does anyone know of a waterproof seat for the FLSTC.


Does anyone know of a waterproof seat for the FLSTC. Not a cover but a actual seat.
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  1. Call Mustang they have great customer service

  2. I used this product from Harley. Work it in all the stitching on your stock seat. Then use a hair dryer and heat up the product so it melts in and around the stitching. Let it sit for an hour. Then buff with a clean dry rag. I do this a few times a year and my seat stays totally dry.

  3. Question. Y would u wanna ride in the rain or knowing its gonna rain. Its 2 much work cleaning it up.

  4. You can use Sno Seal in the same way that Rich Allen is using the Harley product. I use it carefully on the stitching and seams. Buff it off good it’s waxy and will come off on you pants if you leave a residue. Melt in a few applications. I clean and treat the leather a few times a year. Seal the seams. Then use a heavy coat of silicon (I use Camp Dry) works great and holds in moisture. Started doing it years ago with expensive dress shoes (when I was still working) Snow seal around the sole, heavy silicon on the tops. In and out all day in rain or snow and feet stay dry and no salt stains on my shoes. Leather soft and nice life of the shoes (about 7 years with one pair of soles and one pair of half soles). Clean and seal few times a year. Silicon every couple of months.

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