Does anyone know an easy fix for the speedometer error?


Does anyone know an easy fix for the speedometer error? My 2006 Vulcan has about a 10% speedometer error (reads about 10% faster than i am actually driving).

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  1. I heard that Euro gears will bring it close to normal.\nAnother option is to install a Speedo Healer but that will affect millage.\nIf you are good at math subtract 10%\n\nAll my Kawasakis have the same induced error. Which is a problem because millage is correct but speed isn’t. Probably someone with knowledge of electronics could take apart and speedometer and see how they are inducing the error.

  2. Don’t need a speedo. Until you get pulled over. Then you know how much the ticket could be!!

  3. All bikes are like that. I refer to my GPS for speed, or you can install SpeedoHealer to correct

  4. I think they all do ,mine does the same. I have to run 110 to keep up when my buddies are doing 100

  5. Mines the same, my brother complains I don’t go fast enough. But the speedo is fast enough for me.

  6. Speedo tuner. Easy to install and accurate. 80.00 on line at

  7. My ’09 didn’t start doing that until I had an emergency tire put on in the middle of a road trip. I was in Podunk, Nowhere, and the only tire that would fit my rim was a smaller circumference than Kawi standard. Now I have to go 75 to keep up with 60 mph traffic. Maybe look at a bigger tire.

  8. I never worry about it. I just figure I’m going about 7MPH slower than my speedo says. Simple 1st grade math. Been riding my V2K for 3 years and 25,000 miles that way and haven’t had a ticket yet. That’s running anywhere from slow city to freeway where the speed limit is 75 MPH. Been through radar traps many times and been fine. Not really a big deal. I’ve owned 23 motorcycles in my 47 years of riding and can honestly say I don’t remember even one where the speedo was accurate. All were off one way or the other.

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