Does anybody tow this way?


Does anybody tow this way. The Spyder would have to be in neutral without the parking brake on. Can you do that? Will it just beep the whole time?

Does anybody tow this way?

Does anybody tow this way?

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  1. The parking break will beep for the whole frip

  2. Which would wear battery down

  3. The parking brake only locks the rear wheel.

  4. Why would the Spyder need to be in neutral and not have the parking brake on??? This unit only has the front wheels spinning.. which neither the gearbox or parking brake have any effect on.
    Wouldn’t really matter if it was in neutral or had the parking brake on or off. I’d consider this for towing short distances only.

  5. the front wheels are free spinning so you wouldn’t have to keep it in neutral,

  6. The front is very low. You risk dragging the nose.

  7. Mitch…In Washington State it would be legal as long as there are rear facing tail/brake/turn lights on the front of the Spyder. Lastly, the most front point on the Spyder could not extend more that 15′ back from the centerline of the last braked axle on the tow vehicle. My concern not yet addressed, is what issue would the power steering system have with continually being stressed in turns. Regards,

  8. At speed, the ‘backward’ facing windshield will catch an awful lot of wind

  9. BRP officially states towing is a no no.

  10. My 6X10 ft aluminum trailer works very well. Yeah, towing like that looks too risky. Good luck.

  11. I would worry about the nose dragging the ground!!

  12. How would you lock the handle bars and front wheels? I can imagine in some instance it would get away from you.

  13. The beeping ends in 30 seconds. I store mine with the parking brake off

  14. We put ours inside a trailer.

  15. That hurts my heart!!!!

  16. Please don’t do that.

  17. If you devise a way to keep the wheels pointing straight you would probably be okay. No drivetrain damage will occur with the rear wheel off the ground .

  18. Last summer…My cousin lost his WHOLE FRONT END u0040 speed of LESS than 50. Hit a pothole…dipped… DONE. I’m lookin for the pics. And BRP covered NOTHING because they instruct in manual on towing.

  19. Good god no!

  20. For what it’s worth I can rent a uhaul bike trailer that the can ams will fit on also for 14 bucks a day

    That being said I’d much rather have it it trailered the. Dragging it by its ass,

    as for that tow hitch thing in that motorhome, it’s almost identical to the one they sell to tow a bike by its front wheel,

  21. Reverse wind will rip your windshield right off. I believe it’s in the manual.

  22. You could use the parking brake it only goes to the rear wheel

  23. That is like towing a rear wheeled car from the rear. The drivetrain is up, but I think that’s way too unsafe

  24. Great info everyone. Thank you. I will not go with that system. I did not realize the parking break is rear wheel only.

  25. How much this cost

  26. get a trailer

  27. Trailer is the only safe way to tow

  28. Also have to tie the steering down, but I would never use this system, way to many things to go wrong!

  29. Mitch…You can get a used +/-6’x10′ open trailer off craig’s list for $1k or even less. Could also give you a little extra cargo space. In a $$$ pinch, I have seen tow dollies for as little as $250. It takes less than 10min to remove(replace) drive belt from rear sprocket and tie it out of the way. The front wheels are locked down to the dolly, so no issues there. Then you are towing Spyder facing forward and legally. Regards,

  30. We tow to Florida in an enclosed trailer, even use it here at times. We would never take a chance and tow that way!

  31. Bad idea for sure

  32. I would never tow a Can-Am Spyder that way I would get a full trailer that’s made for towing.

  33. I’d officially find out what Can Am has to say regarding this method….always pros and cons, but see if they endorse it. I transport in an enclosed V-nose trailer too.

  34. Anyone with experience using a car dolly?

  35. Mitch…No experience, but have thoroughly researched it, as I have a dolly and want to take my Spyder with the MH. As long as you disconnect the drive belt (very easy to do). You leave the parking brake off – the beeping stops in less than a minute. With the rear wheel free wheeling, it shouldn’t be any different than towing a car. There is one person on here that turned his dolly into a trailer. He put a center rail over the dolly’s tongue. Spyder still running backwards, as he backs it onto his converted dolly. In Washington State though, once all of the tow vehicles wheels are off the ground, it is no longer dollied, it is being trailered. So in this case, the converted dolly would need to have a license plate of its own. For something different, search "trailer extension" and also "tandem dolly" on-line. I have (7) trailers, (2) extensions, and (1) tow dolly. The open and enclosed utility trailers were sized in part to carry (2) 2 wheel motorcycles. Now that I have a Spyder, I am currently building a dolly that will also tow a car, and carry my small boat and an outdoor kitchen/storage – see pic. Regards,

  36. How much ground clearance do you have at the front though? Wouldn’t a good sized bump or pothole plant the front end on the ground?

  37. There are lots of used trailers out there for sale for $500-$1000. You need at least a 5’x10′ trailer with a ramp to accommodate a Spyder…I haul mine on that size trailer…

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