Do you recommend slip-ons or full replacement?


I have seen many conversations re: exhaust upgrades asking which is best, which is loudest, etc. My question… when upgrading exhaust do you recommend slip-ons or full replacement when looking for a throatier, louder sound? If full replacement, what needs to be done to get the engine “right” for riding? Thanks in advance.
Bike: Harley Davidson Iron 883

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  1. Im also looking into getting a slip on DNA exhaust, HD guys are saying you would need to have it retuned as well?

  2. You don't need a retune for exhaust only or intake only.

  3. In terms of bang for buck it doesn't get much better than the Cobra 909. Clean look and great sound.

    I have the air cleaner on hold until I get a fuel pack.

  4. I would say what your expecting to get out of your bike would depend on your exhaust. If you're just looking for loud, you can go short shots like majority of the people here. If you're going for loud and performance I would look into the 2-1 full exhaust systems. But from what I think, I think a full exhaust will always be louder than slip ons. And yes as they said you only need a tune when you do exhaust and intake.

  5. I'm wanting to carry the exhaust all the way to the back… similar to factory length but with more "umph" to it. So let me get this straight… If I replace the exhaust I do not need to do anything else to the motor?

  6. Nope. Throw the exhaust on there and call it good.

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