Do you always look for campgrounds?


When you guys go on trips, do you always look for campgrounds to pop your tent or do you just pull over on the side of the road and sneak into the woods?

Do you ever get bothered by the police by pitching a tent somewhere random?

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  1. yea…..whats da deal ?? lol

  2. Lol try to ask a cop first. Or a land owner

  3. Good question, would like to hear what people have experienced with just stopping along the road, probably in a forest.

  4. ask Yogi bear ?? lol

  5. I look for campgrounds .
    I need to shower .
    Trust me.

  6. being an old retired trucker…I can hit a truck stop for a private shower mighty cheap

  7. State lands in NY are free to camp on. Only requirement is ya move your spot every 2 wks…lol

  8. You can rough camp in National Forests legally, with a few guidelines regarding lakes and streams, etc. Any forest ranger station can give you the printed guidelines.

  9. I’ve done a little bit of it all over the years. When I use gas station facilities I always leave them cleaner than I found them.
    Generally people like to be helpful.

  10. Funny story: A friend was traveling and laid down to sleep for a few hours in the back corner of a local police dept parking lot, thinking that would seem to be a pretty safe place to rest. A bit later a couple of officers woke him up with a bright flashlight and asked "What are you doing?" He answered "I was sleeping". They responded " Bad idea. Just a couple blocks away from here there is gang activity" . He responded back "Then why aren’t you over there instead of waving a flashlight in my eyes?"

  11. Been outdoors most of my life. i like to tent along streams crossing the road. Morning bath, evening wash, A few fish. NO Generators at 2 am, etc.

  12. I’ve come to enjoy KOA’s. Always clean with modern facilities & reasonably priced. A swim in the pool & shower are refreshing after a long day on the bike.

  13. It depends on my situation at the time. I have got tire and just pulled into woods/ field and set up camp. I try to be inconspicious.

  14. KOA for me. I have a book that list every KOA in the country. You can make reservation before you leave one for the next.

  15. First choice is State or Federal campgrounds. usually free or cheap and relatively safe. Usually well off the highways so quiet too. Second choice privately owned campground . The kind that just has a sign stuck in the ground d near an exit off the highway that says "camping" with an arrow pointing the way. Minimal accomidationis usually = cheap. Third choice commercial campgrounds like KOA etc. usually a little pricey due to lots of accomidationis I don’t need or use. Often these are too near the highway so expect lots of traffic noise when sleeping in a tent of tent camper. Using a combination of these last fall I camped a total of 4 nights during a 2600 trip for under $50.

  16. Pete I agree with you. Most of the time we have two tent campers and request a tent site with water and power. KOA lets us put both campers on the same sight thus half price.

  17. That does work out well for you then. I am usually camping just in route one night at a stop and I carry portable power that recharges in my trailer off the bike. No cooking either. Snacks, sandwiches and restaurants mostly while traveling for me.

  18. When attending a rally here in Arkansas we always make reservation at one of our great state parks. I get half off price then with the two of us I get half of half. I have found I need to make reservation 4 to 6 months in advance.

  19. Robert , I can tell… your a plan ahead sorta guy!!! Proud to know you, sure wish I wuz moree inclined to plan, but wing it !! seems to be my Moto.

  20. Yes they will bother you. They don’t know you from Adam

  21. I never make reservation anywhere because I hate destination fixation and schedules. I understand you have to for events like a rally etc but I don’t attend those that aren’t just a day trip usually. I only plan a general direction and go. When I want to stop in about an hour I keep an eye out for a place to camp or use the GPS or smart phone to find one on the way. Since I travel solo this works best for me. Would never work if wivey was along. She absolutely freaks out without a plan chiseled first in stone and a reservations made and confirmed. BORING! LOL Could be why we hardly ever travel together anymore. She flies and rents a car while I leave days earlier and ride the bike ;-). It’s more about the ride for me!

  22. I pounded out almost 800 miles one hot summer day. Missed our campground somehow and ended up pulling off in a truck pull off and slept in my sleeping bag on the ground next to my bike. Me and 2 of my bro’s did a ride to CO from OH 2 summers ago. Camped every night except 2 nights in Denver. Denver was the only hotel we stayed in. Woulda been better off camping tho. The hotel was garbage. Lol!!

  23. Tarp hooked to motorcycle camping at 24 is not as much FUN at 64.

  24. Got-down . . . and couldn’t get back up. Mike?

  25. Sounds like you could use a copy of ‘Don Wright’s Guide to Free Campgrounds.’ Lot’s of cool ideas for camping in the book.

  26. But I hate to read Mark. Is there a video out yet? LOL

  27. Mark Hill. Where can i get that book? Im all about cheap. Im poor and the more i save the farther i ride

  28. Duane might check Amazon..or used book stores.

  29. Tom Frobish , that is a great question and one that I have pondered in the past few months . I have just recently took up moto camping . I can point out a dozen spots in a five mile radius of home or on the 20 minute ride to work . But , can I do that outside of my comfort zone ? I don’t lnow , With a three week trip from central Ohio to Nova Scotia coming soon , I guess I’ll find out . I have a problem paying over $30 for a tent site and I won’t . I guess the worst that’ll happen is being awoke and told to leave in the middle of the night . The suggestion of free camping in state and federal forest is one that I’ll check out .

  30. for free or cheap try FREECAMPSITES.NET If you are using dispersed or stealth camping you may want to pick up a backpackers water filter for the gear pack.

  31. We got woke up about 30 years ago. Was traveling with my Brother in law , Mother in law and their wives mine was riding behind me on a 74 Honda 750 chopper. We pulled in to a campground they were full so we went about 1/2 mile farther and pulled in the woods. Ranger woke us up at about 500 am and said we could stay till 700 then had to be gone. We left earlier than that. could not sleep after being woke up.

  32. Bruce, one example of….PUBLIC Land.. No trespassing!! Sounds a bit hipocritical to me. But I’m not a Ranger.LOL

  33. Yes it was national forest. But we probably skert The kids riding them old modersikles. Well the chop was running cut offs in front of the pegs. It was loud.

  34. Years ago would camp behind old Churches, some would have an outdoor biffy, which came in handy. Also under bridges in hammocks. Was fun way back then, now it’s in campgrounds, if someone came across you back then they were mostly friendly. I don’t think its the same today.

  35. Thumbs up for state campgrounds.

  36. You guys are great.

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