Do I need to have another thyroid hormone medicine ?


Question- I will have my TT and I met with the surgeon today, he told me that he will give me just cytomel, because I don’t know if I will have rai after that? Is that correct? Or do I need to have another thyroid hormone medicine ? Lost? I will see the Endo 5 weeks after surgery is that ok or do I need to ask more questions? They found 2 nodules (1.5 & .6) of papillar follicular variant on my left side and now they will remove the right side… Any help or advice is appreciated ❤️

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  1. Yes. Some doctors will put you on cytomel following a TT until you know for sure if you will or will not be moving forward with RAI. It is actually a great protocol when withholding the T4 med as prep for RAI.

  2. Yes T3 at first so its short acting and if RIA is to be given quicker to withdraw from make sure you dont take them too close together or too late or you wont sleep xxx big hugs xxx

  3. So they will have a meeting ,an endo ,ent ,oncologist & decide on the results of pathology report if you do RIA or not ,I know its scary but you will be ok xxx

  4. I had my surgeries as 2 ops ,much easier 2 nd one xxx

  5. I was on Cytomel for a couple months after TT. I was jittery at first but then I felt really good. I am not on levo (generic of synthroid) and get my first blood draw on that in another week.

  6. To kind of piggy back on her question, I am having TT on the 26th and we won't know until it is out if it is cancer. Will the surgeon just put me on T4 until they know more? What if they think/know it is cancer during surgery? Just curious what doctors would do in this situation. Thanks!

  7. I started on Synthroid Jan. 2015, TT in August, RAI, in November. Never stopped taking Synthroid, had Thyrogen shots. My doctors don't believe in stopping or not starting thyroid meds after TT.

  8. Angie mine was inconclusive ,I had a partial on path 4 cm cancer then completion 1cm cancer ,I went on T3 it all depends on individual circumstances to what meds they put you on ,and what they see to decide which step is next ,they cant always tell when your in theatre if its cancer or not .

  9. I had my surgery 6/11, and since pathology came back cancerous I was withheld any meds till after RAI and WBS 6 weeks later. Miserable, but for the best. now on 127 synthroid.

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