Do I need a fuel controller for Yosh pipe?


Just got a 2018 Grom.

Time to make a list of mods..

I want to pipe it soon. Do I need a fuel controller for Yosh pipe on a stock engine?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Is it needed no

    Does it correct the lean condition caused by the exhaust: yes

    Will your bike blow up without: no

  2. Stretch and bag it

  3. My long term plans is to do the TB 185 kit, so looking forward to building blocks. If it needs a module, it will get one.

  4. I would do a fuel controller before the exhaust, there are cheap and expensive options, but a stock ECU is not really capable of taking full advantage of any bolt ons you add. It won't hurt anything to do an exhaust without the fuel controller though.

  5. Anyone recommend a site to buy a Yosh pipe and a tuner?

  6. I just did an air box mod and have the RS 2 mini Yoshimura and it runs and sounds incredible definitely way more Torquay but as for top speed maybe 1 or 2 miles per hour gain without the fuel controller

  7. By far the most beautiful exhaust I've seen yet though if you care about looks as well as performance

  8. Mnnthbx or Hard Racing

  9. Bazzaz tuner or Power CommanderV?

  10. Either is fine unless you want to raise your Revlimit and play with timing then PCV… Both are capable of autotune module add on

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