Disconnect the battery during hibernation?


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Is it better to disconnect the battery during hibernation? Cheers

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  1. I disconnect the battery. I dont want to recharge it every spring!

  2. Hope no negative effect on board comp and memories ?!

  3. I’ll be using an opti-mate charger. Keeps the battery in good order.

  4. I disconnect the battery also and have done it so every winter with no problems.

  5. if you can’t plug an optimate or a loader for your battery disconnect it.
    Even if you let it on, in few month without use, it’ll be down and you’ll have to load it.

  6. Optimate for me.

  7. If you disconnect the battery for anymore than a few minutes on some of the newer bike the yellow light comes on the dash

  8. I won’t disconect it. Optimate 4 Dual is good…but I am looking to the BC K900 too…Anyone have it?

  9. So, optimate 4 directly to dash board socket ??

  10. I would fit the proper connector to the battery. Using the dash power socket may overload it causing the can bus system to shut down the power socket

  11. Optimate direct to battery using their lead and connector system for me.

  12. Hmmm the socket shut down automaticly after 15min after the ignition key is out…thats in the manual…So a proper connector directly to the battery is the best thing to do? Do I have to disconnect the main unit (dash board) from the battery?

  13. Direct to the battery would be best (just connect the power lead once).
    I think using the socket might not work because of the canbus system.

  14. There is a special canbus version for the optimate, but I prefer direct to the battery.

  15. Thanks Robbert for you advice. I have a Ctek at home but I was going to buy an Optimate to connect via the socket of my GS LC but now I have changed my mind and will use the Ctek directly on the battery.

  16. Emir I have read about this in some forums and I think you have to leave the ignition key turned on to let it charge/mainatain…but I am not sure…

  17. Thank you guys!!!

  18. If you take the battery off, the only thing who will failed It’s the time clock, and the speed average and fuel average will be reset, but no problem with the total km.
    Not even if the bike was three years in a row without battery. I does it with a Honda CBR600.

    Easy to remove…If you’re not having to fat fingers!…

  19. Chris Cogdell it is about 110u20ac….the Optimate with the adapter is about 75u20ac…it is not a lot of difference…but with the optimate you can charge different batteries too

  20. With a good gloves and jacket, you dont need to disconnect the battery!!! hahaha Cheers!

  21. Got even the muffs πŸ™‚ but Im 6000 km away πŸ™


  22. I just keep on driving… Unless there’s snow… And if there’s snow, I put the battery on an optimate as well… But I’d rather keep driving haha…

  23. I’d rather be riding too but my GS corroded so badly during its first winter, I think it’ll stay garaged this time!

  24. What spots corroded ?

  25. Brake lines, foot pegs, rear wheel plate, exhaust clamp and pinch bolts and para lever pivot bolt. Not good!

  26. A weekly warm up prevents sludgy residue building up in injectors too!

  27. ride all winter and stop moaning

  28. Joris, If I could afford a new bike every few years, I would ride all winter – I always have done with my other bikes but things change and this may well be the last bike I own. I want to keep it looking in good order for as long as i can and believe me, my GS needs all the help it can get!

  29. I would if I could πŸ™‚ with my work and Bosnian winters its pretty much impossible πŸ™ cheers

  30. Yup! The same for me in Switzerland!

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