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Hi guys, picking up my CForce 600 Touring this Saturday, I have a extended warranty question, the dealer is offering me a different company warranty instead of CF Moto. Do you guys think it makes a difference what company i use?

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  1. Mine did the same as they said the CFMOTO one wasn’t very good. Didn’t really matter to me as long as it covers what I need covered and wasn’t more expensive.

    • the dealer said $1000 with lifetime batteries. But how many batteries will I go through. The biggest difference is That I can take to any ATV dealer

  2. Don’t do it it’s a waste of time my heat shield rattle and fell off after one year and I took it back in for warranty they didn’t want to replace it because it was an aftermarket part I could talk about all the problems my CF Moto has had enough of you banned from the group just

  3. Unless you plan on totally abusing the machine $1000 will buy a lot of parts.

  4. Are you mechanically inclined? Understand Fuel injection?
    If the answer is “no”, then the extra insurance may pay off in the long run if something goes wrong.
    Check the list of excluded parts and service first.

  5. My dealer did the same. The CF Moto extended warranty coverage sucks. The one I got covers everything. Make sure you read it to see what it covers, they are not all the same. I chose to get it even though I have been a mechanic my whole life, parts can be expensive if there is a major problem. These machines are new and reliability is yet to be proven.

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