Differences between the 2015 R1 and the 2019?


Does anyone know the differences between the '15 R1 and the '19??

Long story short; I had a '15, wrecked/totaled it, buying a '19 and want to know what the differences are.. Internet doesn't really tell me shit..

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  1. 19 comes with blipper from factory I believe, that’s all I’ve heard. I’m sure there’s more.

  2. Engine and electronics, chassis is the same.

  3. There are differences in the engine internals but nothing that adds more power, just refinement in design. The main one is the blipper.

  4. I’d say about 4 years difference


    17 onwards is EURO 4 compliant. Mess with the wirings wrongly and it will throw an engine check light that will lock most of the functions on your screen

  5. Titanium valves?

  6. Auto-blipped for downshifts, improved LIF control, all black engine. 2018 & 2019 are identical

  7. Why not buy the 20? But to answer your question you get quick shift up and down with the 19, some internals are different and small things like the color. Least with a 20 you get improved electronics with the engine braking function and once you remove the cats a little more power.

  8. 18(usa model year) and up have revised electronics biggest being better slide and wheelie control. Autoblipper standard. Revise engine internals. The 2020 models grows on those updates plus face lift. I’d go cbrrrrrrrrr

  9. One shit the other is shittier

  10. Bout 4 years

  11. Just traded my 14 with the 19 a couple of days ago. i did not go for the 2020 its the first euro 5 bike, if you are not planning to unleash the power held by the euro 5 then there is no point. end of the year deals are great right now where i am, 2k less msrp and 1u0025 per annum on loan. i just did not think the money id save is worth taking the improvements on the 2020 model.
    And its just me but i like the look of the 19 more than than the incoming 20.

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