Differences between “gravel” bikes and “Cross” bikes?


Serious question: What are the differences between “gravel” bikes and “Cross” bikes? Because I’m a clueless roadie.

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  1. Gravel bikes have bottle cages.

  2. gravel bikes are a bit longer, lower, wider, fatter tyres, and less racey all round.

  3. Gravel bikes eat dirt..cx bikes eat mud

  4. Cross bike more responsive great for turns gravel a little more relaxed good for bombing down gravel roads probably more disc brakes on gravel bikes as well

  5. They way they are marketed.

  6. I was wondering that same thing!

  7. My Century Bike is actually a gravel bike. More comfortable for long rides than a Roadie.

  8. So, compared to mountain bikes, are they more structured like a hybrid?

  9. generally speaking, gravel bikes will have a lower bottom bracket, a taller head tube, and slacker angles than a CX bike. Also, they will have road gearing. CX gearing is lower, since you do a lot of accelerating, but not a lot of sustained high speed. But gravel bikes are used like road bikes, so taller gearing is nice. A gravel bike, due to the angles and bb differences, will generally feel more stable than CX bikes.

    Also, gravel bikes should have rack, fender, and bottle mounts. If they don't, the manufacturer got it wrong, imo. Some CX bikes will have them, but many won't.

    Of course, its perfectly possible to use either bike either way. But there are some differences.

  10. the surface you ride them on and the gearing

  11. Gravel bikes are more relaxed with longer chainstays. They also have lower bottom brackets

  12. Geometry typically. Cross bikes are generally a bit more aggressive with clearance for 35ish mm tires. Gravel is generally a bit more relaxed in geometry with clearance for a lot more meat (some can clear mountain tires).

  13. Generally, gravel bikes have geometry that's a bit more slack; have bottom bracket heights that are a bit lower; have longer wheelbases, and might fit wider tires. Generally. The reality is that gravel bikes can be anything from barely modified CX bikes to what I described above.

  14. Racing geometry vs relaxed geometry. I don't race cycle cross but ride gravel grinders on a cycle cross geometry bike. I love it

  15. Cross is to Tarmac as Gravel is to Roubaix.

  16. Someone just post pictures of the two bikes…might be easier to understand to some! LoL

  17. So what would a Trek DS (dual sport) be…cross or gravel?

  18. Cyclocross bikes.have a super high bottom bracket, and more aggressive geometry, usually better clearance for wider tires. Gravel bikes are like a road bike for dirt roads. Usually limited to a 45 or 43 tire width. #ninerbikes

  19. Dont forget that CX bikes will have Cantilever brakes and Gravel will have disc brakes

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