Difference between the 800ex and the 800 trail?


This might be a dumb question but other than the width is there a difference between the 800ex and the 800 trail? And, is it worth the extra $1000 to have the extra few inches?

Also, where does the extra width come from? Is it just a spacer, or is it in the control arms, suspension, etc? Thanks in advance!

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  1. The extra width comes from all your suspension components. Longer A-arms, longer shocksufffc, etc

  2. All depends on the type of riding you do. The extra width gives a much smoother ride with more suspension travel. If you are restricted to narrower trails then the 50 inch wide might be the way to go.ufffc

  3. Ask what she said "about 10"

  4. The EX has longer control arms and cv axles giving it more suspension travel, i was not aware that the EX was more expensive (altho i have the trail specifically for the 50′ width) I am pretty sure the EX gives you more options for lifting and probably a little better stability but I have a fair amount of width restricted trails where I usually ride so I didn’t research the EX model as much

  5. Get the ex I have a z8 trail and I’m now in the process to transforming to ex allmost done I’m recording the progress maybe ill post it this weekend good luck

  6. Def go Ex if your area allows for larger width. I have a trail model and if I would do it all over , I’d got the Ex. The trail beats your body up in comparison to the Ex..

  7. Ok…I’ve had the 800 trail for 3 years….over 3000miles but yes it depends on your preference I’m a trail rider for example..so I put 1.5 inch spacers on the front and back…night and day and can still go everywhere

  8. If your state has a firm 50" limit don’t bother, the trail is over 50. Either get one of the other brands 50" or get the ex or 1k. Depends on your primary riding area and if you need the extra stability.

  9. The trail is over 50" ? Thought it was called trail because it is 50"

  10. That few inches makes all the difference. If your not limited to 50′ trail systems definitely get the ex or you’ll regret it later… the 50′ trail rides rougher, has less suspension travel, is less stable, and resale value is less

  11. Control arms and axle shafts are the main difference. Aftermarket support is better for the EX and thats why I decided to go for the 800EX instead of the trail

  12. If you have no restrictions go for the ex.

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