Difference between a R1s and R1?


Quick question guys

Everyone here speaks on how the 15+ models outperform the same year s1k.

Could y’all clarify to me how do or what upgrades are done to the bike to get “x” amount of hp ?

I’ll be soon in he market for a new bike and I’m looking a at either a 16 r1 or s1k.

Also what’s the difference between a r1s and r1 performance/power wise

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  1. Get the s1krr if on road. On track the r1 probably just nicks it

  2. Hey Alex while very very far from being an expert on the track I have ridden both the 2018 s1000rr and my own 16 r1 on the track. Without an expert skill level there is no difference in riding performance on the track..the s1000rrs smooth throttle and insane brakes inspire more confidence, .however you can also feel the increased weight of the s1000rr. If its 99u0025 street bike get the bmw..its ergos are better, but the r1 is several thousand less and lighter and its xplane has much more character imo. If you are a top speed guy the BMW appears to have an edge. If you have the money the 2019 s1000rr appears to be far better than both bikes. Again though these bikes are at the sharp end and it’s going to be way more about the rider than the machine to see real performance differences. As too r1 versus r1s ….get the r1 there is nothing wrong with the r1s…but the r1 is a better deal when you factor in weight,rpm,and the wheels all being upgraded.

  3. R1 has magnesium wheels, OEM quick shifter, titanium connecting rods, and the r1 redlines higher. That’s all I can think of for the differences

  4. Chassis a stiffer on the R1 which gives it a better feel on the track. It has a bit more low mid range grunt than the s1k.

    Also the r1 is 3hp more and 9lbs lighter than the r1s. Nick MarinoNick I think said the R1 is a bit more tunable but I’ll leave that to him.

  5. ive tracked my 2015 R1 for a few years now , took on a few S1krr, I’m in inters so not the fastest , but not the slowest , what I’ve found is with the torque of the r1 engine it drives off the corners faster , but the S1KRR pulls better at the top end , but usually i got it back on breaking ! just from my experience , could be down to the riders

  6. So if you are going to ride it on the track you need to think of available resources. When you crash how is and cheap is it to get parts. Second, when you have to tune the bike or have electrical gremlins who will help you out? The BMW is a fantastic bike BUT when you have a problem who actually knows the electronics well enough to help you? There is a ton of R1’s around and enough people have experience.

  7. I bought a 2016 r1 S brand new only had 1 mile on it. I paid 10 grand for it. That’s a hell of a deal. I have 2 buddies one has the M and my other friend has standard r1. My S has 3/4 akra exhaust, block off plates, ECU flash from superbikesunlimited. Both have ridden my bike and cant tell a difference in power, actually they think mine is more torquey in mid range. I know there is a difference in hp and top speed 172 mph stock to their 186. And the m is more smooth . But if you can get a brand new r1 S for 10 grand than I say do that. Everytime I get off my bike I say "I’ll never get tired of riding this motorcycle."

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