Difference between a mountain bike and a road bike?


I’m an old hand at bike riding, currently mountain biking, but curious about a few things.
1. What’s the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike?
2. Are there rules of the road we have to follow in areas where there is traffic?
3. Where are y’all from? I’d love to form or join a beginner riding group.
I’m from southern West Virginia
P.S. I wanna add a basket to the front of my bike to take my 6lb dog with me, any advice?

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    Road bikes and mountain bikes are 2 different planets from each other that serve two completely different purposes. There are also "hybrid," bikes which are in the middle. If I were to take my road bike on any trail I ride, it would be suicide.


    Ok I see, thanks


    I live in Michigan. I ride a hybrid mostly on multipurpose trails to avoid traffic. I get anxiety when I have to share the road. My hybrid handles dirt trails pretty well and I am too old for rough trails. My lower back likes the hybrid position better than a road bike.


    2. Rules of the road are the same for a cyclist as they are for motorist. There may be variations of the law regarding non-street specific cycling in different states and cities regarding things like lights and helmets. Always remember that when it comes to traffic laws and cycling, the state sets the rules, not municipalities. Cities are very limited to what they can regulate when it comes to bicycling.


    I'll just answer two questions because the rest can be found with simple searches.
    In the US every state has different laws about cycling so find out what your is by contacting the local dmv. I would highly discourage you from placing your dog in a basket on the front of your bike. It's dangerous for both you and your dog!


    1. about 4mph.
    2. same road, same rules.

    Personally I like an allroad bike, which is basically a performance oriented road bike with wide tires. Not so good for rock gardens and dropoffs, but anything with the word "road" is fair game.

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