Did you feel better after the TT?


Question for those who had enlarged thyroid or nodules that pushed on your esophagus, etc. Did you feel better after the TT? Do you have any long lasting effects to your esophagus, etc. from the thyroid pressing against it?

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  1. Our neck is only so big. I did not realize prior to surgery recommendation just how much compression was happening to my windpipe, esophagus, nerves, parathyroids and artery. The size of my thyroid was truly trying to kill me. I could not believe the difference in my breathing post thyroidectomy…and swallowing, I began to choke because it didn't have to swallow three times to get it past my thyroid. It was so big it would compress my artery….this caused panic attacks in the middle of the night.
    I had neck and collarbone pain that resolved. What did not resolve was parathyroid compression….I still deal with low calciums at 10 months post op…this has been a pain and the main reason I should have had my thyroid removed many years ago!
    I had no choice but to have it removed and I do not regret it. I also found I had two cancer tumors one on each side, so I am glad I chose a total thyroidectomy or I would have been right back in as the larger tumor was on my good side…. No Regrets here.

  2. Kathy may I ask how large your thyroid was?

  3. Oh my! Yes it was! I am so glad you had it taken out. What relief you must have felt!

  4. The right lobe was 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 4.5cm
    The left lobe is just a little larger than a normal lobe….

  5. It was mostly behind my collarbone….so it was never measured fully until removal…my Endo chose to ultrasound it and she saw it was way bigger than she even thought….my poor surgeon….it was the 2nd largest he ever saw, his first was during residency….and he said he was glad he remembered how to deal with the big ones! They are very vascular….amazing how much my blood pressure has come down too!

  6. I know it has to be done I am just scared of any kind of surgery. I am hoping to put it off a year.

  7. How big is yours??
    The surgery was the easiest surgery I ever had…the gut surgeries hurt way more!! Really, even though I had to stay hyper cuz of the cancer, it really wasn't that bad adjusting to no thyroid. The low calciums are tough to manage, but the thyroid, once I found my optimal dose has been good!

  8. The right is 6 cm but I have multiple nodules (4 larger ones) on both sides. The largest nodule is 2.9 cm.

  9. I do not miss the nodule, which was causing problems with swallowing and breathing. Like Kathy, it was an easier surgery than abdomen. Afterward, just a new way of living with adjustments.

  10. I feel much better, easier to breath, but my throat was very sore for weeks.

  11. Mine was choking me almost every time I ate. I always felt like someone had their hands wrapped around my throat. Glad that feeling is gone. I hate cancerous nodules. Thank goodness it was just in the nodules and no treatment was necessary. Don't put off surgury too long. If I would have waited, the my cancer could have spread to the whole thyroid. It was the easiest surgury to recover from. A couple days down and then up going. Dialing in the right meds is the hardness but still better then cancer

  12. Im day 3 post op, had pretty much the exact measurements that Kathy Reder had and I feel so much better despite the pain from surgery. That knot is gone. It no longer feels like something is stuck in my throat or that someone is choking me. You'll do great and feel so much better!

  13. I did feel better. My voice is still shot and I'm 9 weeks post op. But I feel pretty good.

  14. I am only 12 days post tt op and it is amazing. I actually have a neck. I can breathe without choking. I still feel a lump is there sometimes but I heard that goes away

  15. I can breathe great now!

  16. Just had it done and don't have that pressure around my neck.

  17. I had TT in July 2002 because of nodules pushing on my esophagus. Went to five doctors before they would take it out. When they did remove it, doctor said it was larger than he thought. I couldn't breathe, especially when I slept. Had to sleep on three pillows. Could breathe a lot better after I had TT.

  18. I just got my labs back TSH is now 0.007and T4 free is 1.57. I just want to feel better.

  19. Mine was over a pound! Doc's camera wasn't working so I never got a picture!

  20. Oh my! That must have been a relief once it was removed.

  21. Yes it was Stacie Hurst! I always felt like someone had their hands around my neck and it was hard to swallow! I put it off for 8 years!

  22. I feel that way too. I keep losing my voice too. How long was your recovery?

  23. I'm glad mine is gone, I had a 4 cm that had already started to shift the esophagus and attached to a hyper lobe that had already grown under my collar bone. Enjoy being able to swallow without fear of choking and breathing a lot easier. I agree – very easy surgery.

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