Did my first oil change on my R1 2009


Dumb question to ask, I just did my first oil change on my R1 2009 the oil level should be at ? bike ON and bike straight up on wheels NOT stands oil level at the half way mark ON or OFF ? Or ?

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  1. If its in between the marks your ok on level. Me personally, I fill to the top mark.

  2. Straight up on tires not on stands

  3. Your fine on a paddock stand if you’ve got one, just not the side stand, makes your life easier. Check your manual for if the reading is to be taken cold or warm (never hot)

  4. If after the oil change the oil is still black you need to change again. Needs to be golden brown with a slight hint of majenta

  5. You don’t check oil with bike on if its on and half way surly you have over filled it? Bottom mark is minimum top is maximum as long as it is between them marks with bike OFF and upright its fine I allways fill it up to the maximum mark.

  6. Check it with the bike off. And level. Most rear stands don’t affect the reading if the tire is only an inch or so off the ground. Just adds a slight angle forward. After you turn the bike off wait about 3-4 minutes for all the oil to drain to the bottom before checking your oil level

  7. You will want level and near top off glass to keep light off

  8. I check the level by using the rear stand to balance the bike but not lift it. Kickstand down, left hand on the rear stand. Just on the rear stand makes it read a bit higher than it actually is.

    I’ve found the bike likes being towards the top level oil marks.

  9. Per the operator’s manual…

  10. Bike running, upside down

  11. Forget about asking dumb question. Think I heard every way to check it except just add the recommended amount and send it??? Lol

  12. Mine is usually just below the top of the oil window after a change. Speaking of which… I need to order some oil for my end of season change.

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