Did anyone have their parathyroids removed along with your thyroid?


Did anyone have their parathyroids removed along with your thyroid? I had so much scar tissue from the RAI treatments that they were stuck in there. They couldn’t be saved. Since I’m dependent on calcium and Calcitriol, I’ve had 3 incidents of hypercalcemic crisis

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  1. I lost 3 of mine and my remaining one had to be reimplanted. Not sure it'll ever function like it's supposed to. I am also dependent on the calcium and calcitriol. Now having almost constant neuropathy, time to double up on the calcium! Whoever said oh it's the "good Cancer" or after your TT you'll just take a little pill and you'll be fine, had absolutely no idea what they were talking about!

  2. No cancer here, just a very stubborn thyroid that wouldn't respond well to even the slightest tweaking of meds. 3 RAI treatments and still unable to get under control. My case became a regular topic with the American Thyroid assn. I am the less than 1% that has it removed without cancer. I was fine for 5 years post op but after I had a baby (started during) the calcium issues were insane

  3. Karen Ivey, I am having horrible burning pain in my back ( between shoulder blades) and on both sides of my rib cage. I had a partial in July of last year and it effectively killed the other side and now I am on 75 mg synthroid daily. My question is about the pain you experienced ..was it anything like I described ?

  4. Sorry Andrea Casoria Gebler I didn't mean to butt in on your post.

  5. Yvonne Maxie it's all good!! We're here to share, learn and help one another

  6. Thanks, ­čÖé it seems like I have learned more just talking to other people that are going through this than I ever have talking to my doctor.

  7. Yvonne yes! I have horrible muscle spasms especially when my calcium gets too low. I also have a hard time swallowing pills now so have found taking a liquid calcium supplement helps me get more in!

  8. Thanks , I am fighting with my doctors to get them to understand that these symptoms and ailments didn't start till I had my surgery and they just won't listen. I am gonna have them check my calcium and Vit. D levels at my next visit whether they want to or not I am tired of this pain.

  9. Try supplementing with Tums. I also added Magnesium and B12, found out I was also deficient there too. Guess what the symptoms of those deficiencies are…muscle spasms!!!

  10. I also got off Synthroid and onto Nature-thyroid. Had to persistently bother them, think they just finally gave in to shut me up! But has helped tremendously with hypo symptoms!

  11. I had mine taken out in 2005 along with my thyroid. Fortunately I have not had any trouble. Thank God for this! Best wishes to you!

  12. I did…this past august I didnt eat and drink enough and calcium zoomed to 17! I was in acute renal failure so be careful!! I take calcium & calcitriol too…along with B12 and armour thyroid

  13. Wow Ann!!!! I was at 15 my first time, I had a seizure and 3 days later, a TIA (mini stroke) all within the same week as having my baby. She was delivered early because the OB thought I had preeclampsia because of elevated blood pressure when in fact it was elevated calcium. After delivery BP was still sky high yet I was sent home. Seized at home which they thought was eclampsia to find elevated calcium. Stroke occurred 3 days later in hospital. Calcium had traveled to my brain. I had 2 other incidences after that after major weight fluctuation

  14. and thats why they keep mine on the low normal..8.3

  15. Mine too!! Needs to be under 9

  16. exactly…I take 3 (650 mg. each) tablets a day…one calcitriol…I used to take more than double but when it zoomed up, it all changed…and thats after 13 years since my TT

  17. 3000 mg calcium & 1 Calcitriol daily for me. Mine was removed in 1998

  18. that is calcium carbonate…I used to be on calcium gluconate which is easier on the body but for some reason they arent manufacturing them anymore

  19. I've only take the carbonate. There was also a time shortly after my operation where there was a shortage of Rocaltrol. Couldn't get it at chain pharmacies, found mom & pops that had them

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