Deveral week trip to Durango, CO


Soon we take off on a several week trip to Durango, CO and back. My route will require I enter Durango from the north on Rt550 (Million Dollar Highway). A friend was telling me this can be a scary route.

I will be pulling a Time-Out tent camper with a GL1800 Goldwing, so I should have plenty of power and braking for the mountains.

Who has pulled a camper on this road… and did you have any issues or problems?

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  1. We did it 4 times pulling a kwik kamp. No problems at all. We rode a yamaha venture back then.

  2. Thanks. I logged 120,000 miles on a RSV. GW should do fine. Was it scary? Was told narrow road with no rails and 2000 ft drops. Sounds a bit scary.

  3. You just have to keep you eye on the road. Relax and enjoy it

  4. I’ve been on this road it is beautiful yes a big scary but worth the drive enjoy

  5. There are some areas that have tight turns which can "push" you as you negotiate them. Also watch for rocks on the road, especially if it is, or has, rained.

  6. I’m from Colorado here as you know and have pulled lots of semi truck loads over it…not on my wing with my Kwik-Kamp motorcycle tent trailer yet though. …you’ll be fine my friend. ….enjoy the spectacular scenery and give me a heads up and a phone call when you get near Colorado

  7. I have seen trailers on it and things seemed normal. Getting ready to head that way in the next few days. Here is a video I shot of riding it in 2014.

  8. On my second month riding a bike, I was on this road. One side is cliff going up. The other side of the road, you go airborne if you cross the white line. Very curvy too. I don’t enjoy heights and this road really shook me up.

  9. I’ve ridden the Million Dollar Highway !!! Its beautiful. I loved every minute of it !!!

  10. Be sure to check CDOT. They are doing road work on 550 about 11-12 miles south of Ouray. Saying long delays.

    I’m heading to Ouray next week for a rally at the KOA there. We will check on the construction just b/4 leaving Texas.

    But you’ll be fine pulling. I went over Monarch Pass last year going to the rally with my Wing/Lees-ure Lite and had no problems. Just be aware of your surroundings.

  11. Beautiful road. Just slow & cautious around the hair pin curves. ( between Silverton &Ouray ) It’s not that bad. Enjoy!!

  12. & I have pulled a trailer on this road.

  13. Just went over it last week in wind and rain. Still a great ride.

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