Designing a pipe guard skid plate for the x-trainer


Steve from Emperor Racing here.. Question for this group.. We are considering designing a pipe guard skid plate for the x-trainer and 300RR for either the 300rr stock pipe, gnarly pipe or some other pipe.. but witch is the most popular option? what is needed in the market most? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Photo of KTM version of our product.

Designing a pipe guard skid plate for the x-trainer

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  1. I’ve always ran an FMF Gnarly on my XTrainer. I am considering switching to a Procircuit Platinum but think the Gnarly is probably the most popular non standard pipe on the XTrainer. What does everyone else think?

    May be worth posting a poll.

  2. I really like the p-tech guard but it lacks linkage protection. so something similar with rear linkage protection would be awsome ­čÖé

  3. So you don’t want to make a Xtrainer only guard with stock Xtrainer pipe?

  4. The guard p-tech makes comes in rr version and xtrainer. If you want to run a fatty or gnarly the rr version works on the xtrainer. So two versions should catch most pipes.
    The blog below goes into running a gnarly and a fatty with the guard for a rr

  5. Gnarly on my xtrainer

  6. The aluminum pipe guard skid plate is heavy. Hyde makes a lighter one for the RR not the xtrainer out of maybe plastic or composite, not really sure. I don’t want to pay the weight penalty. Some designs shovel dirt. Maybe include foam.

  7. The stock 300RR and FMF Gnarly are the same shape on the outside aren’t they? So one guard would fit both?

  8. Fresco cone pipe for xtrainer is my prefered one.

  9. Definitely would buy that for my beta rr18. Pipe and skid and link guard in one

  10. I run the rr chamber on my xt

  11. XT with stock pipe, svp…

  12. wow x-trainer stock and modified and rad guards please!

  13. 2d xt stock pipe

  14. XT with Gnarly. If you don’t have Gnarly, get Gnarly.

  15. Anyone want to lend Emperor Racing a Gnarly pipe (needs to be new) for R&D in exchange for the prototype pipe guard skid plate at cost $100.00CAD or $80.00USD + Shipping? Seems the Gnarly pipe is even hard to get here in Canada.

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