Cross Trainer and RR 18-19 soft clutch springs.


After 50 hours of testing, finally we are ready to ship the Cross Trainer and RR 18-19 soft clutch springs.

Here is a special offer for skeptical of you – valid for the 1st 20 sets!

If you buy them, ride with them and don't like them, send them back within 3 weeks for full refund (exc. shipping). Risk free.

Cross Trainer and RR 18-19 soft clutch springs.

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  1. What’s the purpose? Easier pull?

  2. Do you have sets available for 15-17 Xtrainers?

  3. These are awesome!!! Don’t hesitate get them while supplies last!!!!

  4. I have them for my ’15 and they are awesome!! Me and my weak girl hands can pull my clutch with two fingers ­čÖé

  5. I broke my thumb a few years back and never went to the doctor. The joint between my thumb and palm kills after 30 miles of trail. I would sure love a softer pull on that clutch.

  6. I just placed order. Thank you
    Yoram Lavee

  7. I just placed an order Yoram Lavee,

  8. Sorry for the dumb question but is the price in USD or AUD

  9. Yoram, U ship to Europe?

  10. Hi Yoram, just to double check, the springs for a 2019 Beta 300 RR are coded "TR-BT-002", correct?

  11. Do you ship to Romania?

  12. Pricce with ship included to Florida?

  13. I purchased some, easily install, but I broke my clutch handle. So i haven’t felt it yet. Gonna buy this bad boy.

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