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Question. My first 250l bought new how long do the stock tires last? And I realize it depends on how hard, where you ride I’m talking on average. Thanks in advance.

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  1. mine lasted 7,000kms I think.. not long!

  2. Lol that’s about what I figured

  3. They’re pretty shitty. Just have fun on them then replace as soon as you can

  4. Right. I’ll replace em soon just wanna beat em up first. Make em pay for their cheap ways.

  5. I used my rear up to 9,000km with about 1mm knobs remaining on the center. Still using the front past 12,000km

  6. In miles I was thinking 4-5k and I’ll change both. Any recommendations on a better aggressive tire. I do ride on the road but love trails.

  7. Pirelli Rallycross MT21, Dunlop D606, IRC TR8

  8. 5500ish for a rear if you take it easy on the wheelies, double that for a front

  9. It depends on where you drive…(street or offroad…)

  10. I like the look of the 606

  11. 3500km for me – rear – still on the front at about 5900km

  12. Mine lasted 104 miles. Then I threw them away and replaced them with Mitas

  13. I changed the rear at 3300 miles. Probably could have gotten over 4000 but they were too slippery off-road. The front is still on and is only about half worn at 6800 miles.

  14. I changed my rear at 5000 miles. Front is still fine at 5300, I suspect I’ll be getting 2 rear tyres for every front maybe even 3.

  15. My rear last 14,000 kms. The front lasted longer of course. The rear tire is not bad at all for grip off road and on. The front stocker is not at all good; unstable on the tarmac at speed and slips out too much on gravel.

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