CRF 250L Suspension Question


Crazy question… It’s no secret that the front suspension on The 250L’s are a tad “soft”.
Any idea if there’s dirt bike forks that will fit on my 2017 250L? I suppose this is a cross referencing question.

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  1. I think I saw something about forks from a 450 fitting, though I can’t confirm.

  2. There was some one on here that put forks from a crf 250 r in I think he sed he had to bore out the top tree about 2 mm

  3. Negative ghost rider! Just upgrade with Racetec.

  4. I understand there’s a spring in only one fork. Racetech apparently has a solution

  5. Yea the front fork seals on my 2013 started leaking after like 500 miles

  6. What about Hyperpro springs?

  7. I would go with racetech

  8. The racetech kit for the front is like $130 dudes. Just pull the trigger and do it yourself, wicked easy install

  9. Yah I guess $130 ain’t too bad considering how important it is

  10. I got the hyperpro front spring vs the racetech. Big improvement I would recommend for sure. However, I mainly ride on road so it’s was a huge improvement for that, if your more off road racetech may be best because of the double spring.

  11. I put a 00 cr250 front end on mine. The bottom crf250l triple needs to be bored 2mm and the top shimmed. You need to have the forks rebuilt to limit the travel by 2″. It’s not expensive at all, you can get the forks for $100, front wheel, axle and brake caliper for ~$100. Figure another $200 for rebuild of forks and boring/shimming of triples.

  12. I don’t know how much race tech or hyperpro wants, but $400 for a front end is cheap compared to the real problem……the rear shock.

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