Cover off my belt to check it over (cforce 500ho)


Question took the cover off my belt to check it over and I noticed the nut on the left side looks like it is backing off, is it normal for it to look like that or do I need to torque it? Machine is a 2015 cforce 500ho

Cover off my belt to check it over (cforce 500ho)

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Answers ( No )

  1. Don’t see it

  2. Hard to really tell from picture but from what I can see it’s fine. I always use blue loctite on mine .

  3. Its not backing off

  4. My 2019 came like this Also

  5. From what I see it looks fine coming from experience make sure you take it in because it’s expensive if you mess it up

  6. Heck, you are there. Pull them, inspect and clean both then reassemble. Good practice. Just need a spanner, torque wrench..and the specs.

  7. Look like it’s all in good shape to me

  8. Have your dealer check with the manufacturer there were some recalls for those

  9. Looks just like a Z1000 and the factory over check marks still line up. The end of the start does is not flush with the end of the nut. Check torque to be safe.

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