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Who has done any cross country trips?, planing a trip to coast to coast this year, wanting to get some hints for long distance riding.

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  1. Indiana to Utah?

  2. Phoenix to Maine ..Phoenix to Banff… Phoenix to Manzanillo…many more

  3. I went from Washington state to Norfolk Virginia in both 2016 and 2017

    • How long did it take you to get there and back? One of my buddies has a reception next year and was talking about doing that trip next year.

    • Well actually stayed out 6 weeks the first time and one month the last time on my way home from Norfolk I kind of did more of a straight back long days lots of miles I think it was 4 days

    • Thanks. He was talking about doing the whole trip in 8 days including one day at the reception. He said “maybe 10” and I told him that he was crazy. We don’t want to kill ourselves. We might just have to give a bit more time and take it easy.

  4. Have you done any long distance riding? If not, I would highly recommend getting in some 2-3-400 mile rides before you try to go coast to coast.

  5. My dream! NC to AK.

  6. My wife and I did 7000 miles this summer. 550 miles per is a good amount any more then that is to much. We did 700 to reach our goal that was a lot.

  7. I agree. 550 miles per day is a Great day. I would stop at around 130-150 miles, stretch your legs, eat a small something, and drink some fluid.

  8. I did a coast to coast in Canada back in 2001,,,I did one thing wrong,, I set out with the idea of how fast I could do it …There was so much I missed… Now I do much slower trips,,, stop when ever you can and take in as much as to you…. Now if I go 400 miles fine .. If I go 50 miles fine

  9. I’ve ridden from Virginia to Texas and back twice. Each trip was on a different bike. My tips: not just seat but suspension matters a lot. Five hundred miles is a good daily limit for multiple days. Start and end early, way before sunset. Eat breakfast and skip lunch or very light snack. Eat dinner after days ride is over. It’s just more relaxing at the end of the day and gives the opportunity for an adult beverage safely should you choose to enjoy.

  10. Hit these spots this summer. Get a good mapping app. Have an idea of where you want to go and plan on deviating from that. I had some ideas where is wanted to go but I’m talking with the locals and other riders we found so much more along the way.

  11. I stopped every 150 miles, stretched and got gas. 600 miles a day was good. Make sure to stay hydrated and cover all your exposed skin.

    • Dan made good points. I strapped a Camel back to the top of my bags so I could run the drinking tube to my mouth while riding. That was the best advice I got. I also took a couple of thin UnderArmor type long sleeve shirts. Take up no room, light weight, keep the arms from burning.

    • I learned the hard way. I ride from Florida to California every summer. Froze in Wyoming, Utah, Washington and Oregon this past June.

    • Dan the good thing about those light shirts is they don’t take up much space in the bags. I use them to layer in the cold. When we got up to Bear Tooth HWY they just opened it. Snowed on us in Yellowstone after just right Bear tooth , and then the blizzard hit (in June) and shut the Bear Tooth down). ? I have a 3 layered jacket so it kept me good and then I just peeled off when it started baking. Great trip.

  12. Slleep, ride, repeat and remember that even though you may not know where you are you are not lost………………….Interstates suck.

  13. My brother and I try and do one long ride a year. A combo of tent camping and hotels. Best advice we could give is our one rule: we don’t stay in any chain hotels, or eat in any chain restaurants. You actually meet and visit with folks when you eat/stay at the small local joints. That rule has created some of the best memories of our trips.

  14. I made a trip from ohio to west coast this summer 7000 mile trip . 57days

  15. I just finished 27k in North America in the last four months (200-225/day). Personally it isn’t my style to ride much more than this per day and if you like to stop alot, take pics, and have the time I think this is a good amount. Take your time, don’t set a schedule/itinerary. Plot out favorites in Google Maps, etc. that you’d like to go to. Determine how often you want days off the bike or to do other activities. Even with four months I missed so much that I wanted to see. Find free camping, use couchsurfing and advrider tentspace.

  16. California to Georgia coast and back Sept, Oct, & November 2011 take your time and just talk to random people. My favorite question.. “What’s life all about?” I have kept a journal of most answers.

  17. Hydration is important. Get a camelback or a generic version. Amazing what a difference it makes on the long hauls. If you ever get thirsty you waited too long.

  18. I go FL to CA to WA to ID to SD to GA every year. Sometimes a second trip just something like SC to CA and back. Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t try too many miles a day. Plan your campsites/motels because being on the road after dark with no camping within 100 miles sucks. Some do it on a shoestring and dry camp. I don’t find that fun anymore, though I do stay at regular primitive campgrounds quite often. Especially if they have potable water. Drink water constantly. You’re doing it right if you have to pee bad when you stop for gas. If you see something interesting just pull over and go look at it, get photos. See the part about not planning to ride large numbers of miles a day above.

  19. Get a national park pass they pay for themselves and our parks are still great . BUY GOOD RIDING GEAR having to stop every time the weather changes (and it will) gets old real quick. Buy some heated gear, even in the middle of summer out west an north will get cold nights and mornings. Make sure your GPS is up dated . Parts of the country still have dead zones for smartphones . Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks . Keep an extra bike key somewhere. Gas is readily available so don’t panic . And ABSOLUTELY stop in Las Vegas and have a piece of Banana Cream Pie at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House in the MGM Grand . It is the best in the country and I’ve tried it everywhere

  20. Get a sheep skin for your seat I use mine only for long trips I love it if I could keep it from walking away would use it all the time

  21. My mantra.. “Life is too short for long term parking”

  22. leave enough time in your schedule to be able to take side trips when you see something that might be interesting. do not over plan or over schedule, just point your front wheel in the general direction of travel and go. I agree, Interstates suck, avoid them.

  23. Water only except coffee. Ibuprofen every morning before your ass hurts. Helmets still suck but prevent sunburn. Take more than 1 pair of gloves for wet/cold/hot conditions. Have paper maps. Start reading them now. Always have backup plans. Interstates suck, but are useful to get around boring shit.

  24. Keep the sun to your back as much as possible. add cupholder for water. I use airhawk ti spare the old boney butt from saddle sores.

  25. Long distance riding…’s all you need to know about that. Get a comfortable seat. Some, here, have touched on that with the ‘sheepskin’ and ‘airhawk’ suggestions…. If you have to think about, “How much is my ass going to hurt, and is this ride going to be worth that much pain?”, then you have the wrong seat on your bike. I don’t care what you have to do or what the bike looks like, use your God given brain and attain a comfortable seat. For me it is a bucket (old tractor) shaped seat. Mine is made by Corbin. Lately, I’ve been getting good recommendations of Sargent Seats. I go by the thought, “A comfortable seat is worth more the the rest of the bike”. Good luck with your ride.

  26. rt 20 from Boston mass to Newport, Oregon is a northern route

  27. ake it slow and have fun… don’t worry about taking the wrong road. Found some of the best places that way.. use a compass and go in the general direction. …

  28. I’ve been to Cali twice from Ohio and up the PCH. P.M me and I’ll share what I know. I camped most of the time. There’s a lot of places you can stay free once you get out west. This pic was coming home from a 8500 mile , 26 day trip.

  29. just rode 15k miles around north america .. i didnt have a time limit.. i just rode as much as i wanted to each day until i found something i liked. I didnt really use gps or a map most the time, usually relying on conversations I had with people or my internal sense of direction to get around

  30. coast to coast and border to border. I do AZ to DE in 4 days but 3 straight across – dawn to dusk (@65) so it’s really no different than any other ride, but take your time & enjoy. Find a comfortable speed and stick with it or you’ll wear yourself out fighting the wind. Have water and alternative payment for when the CC company flags your card at the pump lol. Sometimes a 4 hr. trip can take all day on back roads but unless you’re making time it’s the best way to go.

    • The alternate payment plan is a great idea. I pre-pay a Visa Credit Card, and a Chevron Gas Card. Carry those in my trunk in a special spot. I also call my bank and tell them I’m vacationing. If you need gas, and your bank cancels your card.. it takes 2 days for it to be reinstated.. or worse..they issue you a new one back at your house. Always have a backup plan!

    • they usually just flag it as fraud until you call them, but I refuse to tell them where I’m going… my plans change. My regular bank is used to me now & leave me open. Pre-pay cards are good, they don’t care. Carry some cash too, it’s very useful especially for old roadside motels, you can get a good discount sometimes

    • Walker C. good for the occasional strip club too

    • same with campgrounds one that i went to outside of coopers town ny wanted $35 for the night .i said nope i`ll give you $20 cash fought with them for a little about it but i got my way …lol

    • yep, they try to accommodate. And it’s cash or check with State and National Forests.

  31. I’ve been to both the Arctic Circle and the Darien Gap. My only advice, don’t over plan. Start early,and camp early. Good luck!

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