Could this be just old gas ?


2 stroke ‘newbie’ question here….. I finally got my 300 fired back up yesterday, after it sat for about 3 months. I did not drain the fuel, nor clean anything since it ran last. (it ran well last time, though I was experiencing a bit of a rising idle). At first, it seemed to run ok, but then ran terribly…bogging down, with choke on or off, only seemed to run smooth under heavy throttle… Could this be just ‘old’ gas ? my next move will be to put on the high flow air filter I bought, and dump all the fuel….. not sure if I will have to clean the carb…..etc…

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  1. Just put new gas in after draining. Air filters don’t do a thing.

  2. You may be able to loosen clamps and rotate carb slightly to access the bowl. I would check the pilot jet.

  3. Yes, ethanol fuel plugs pilot jet quickly.

  4. Just spoke with a mechanic, it’s most likely bad fuel……dump fuel, dump carb….he thinks it will probably be fine with fresh non ethanol fuel.

  5. I know they are ‘easy’….i just don’t have any personal experience messing with carbs.

  6. It’s the answer to everything ­čÖé

  7. Oh, I see. George thinks helping a new guy out is the same as an oil debate. Oh, and yes, I run it in My EXC and my XR.

  8. The oil you mix into a 2 stroke is actually a pretty good fuel stabilizer in my experience. I’ve not had any issues running mixed gas that is 6 months old, as long as I leave the fuel petcock OPEN when the bike is sitting. The reason is that you want to keep the fuel in the carb bowl wet. If you close the petcock and let the fuel in the carb evaporate you get the junk forming that clogs the carb.

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