Corsa series or Marc 1 series ?


Hi brothers, quick question about the Zero Gravity Windshield:

Corsa series or Marc 1 series ?

Which one u guy prefer?

Planning to upgrade it for my R1 ­čśÄ

Corsa series or Marc 1 series ?

Corsa series or Marc 1 series ?

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  1. Double bubble

  2. Double bubble tinted

  3. I tend to prefer the corsa on the bikes I have.

  4. Double bubble tinted

  5. I’ve got the corsa and I think it’s the perfect height. Depends what you plan to do. If your riding street only get what you want but if your running track should probably do clear or light smoke at best

  6. I always go with the Corsa (street and track)

  7. Double bubble

  8. I’m a fat kid… With broad shoulders. I got the Corsa and love it.

  9. Thank you guys for the tips !

  10. Double bubble clear

  11. Am I really the only person that thinks the doubble buble is ugly af ?

  12. Puig racing screen …. and always, i mean always get clear unless you’re a rookie rider …

  13. Corsa clear on every single bike I owned

  14. I hate my zero gravity. I’ll be switching to Puig double bubble light smoke.

  15. Corsa on my r1

  16. Sport touring

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