Corona virus affecting your ride?


Getting ready to embark on a very long ride around the North American part of this hemisphere…..I estimate about 27,000 miles all told on Blitzopotamus, my 2016 white R1200 GSA.

Anyway, I have any question: is anybody riding around the country right now? Is the Corona virus affecting your ride? In what ways? I am planning on avoiding all big cities, but I'm sure I'll be touring in some pretty popular tourist places.

I'll be motelling, staying with any people who will have me, and I will be equipped with my camping gear as well.

Ride safe!

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  1. I know that a lot of national parks are closed to camping right now. Hotels seem to be open as are gas stations. Restaurants are on a city by city basis as far as dine in, but most offer carry out. Enjoy the ride.

  2. We had to cancel a trip to Moab next week. You will find most if not all lodging, camping, restaurants (except carry out), and bars are shut down in most of the country. Not a good time to start a trip. People in small towns don’t want travelers coming through. Best to wait a few weeks to see if it’s better.

  3. I’m going to be starting out on April 15th…

  4. This list doesn’t include rest areas and lodging as well as state and national parks. That info is out there though.

  5. Many states, counties and even cities are enacting some rather Draconian measures to thwart the spread of this virus. I feel that enforced restrictions on travel may certainly ensue. Perhaps you might consider the ramifications of those policies.

  6. Steve I’d wait a while as your help in flattening the curve. All the restrictions in place are designed to slow the spread to ensure the health system has a chance of coping. Moving about right now is difficult and the opposite if all the health advice being given. Expect further restrictions on what’s open and where you can go. P

  7. Very bad idea to start a trip at this moment. Restrictions will probably get worse and you may end up being stuck somewhere without being able to move.

  8. I’d say of you haven’t left already, sit tight. I am. Hoping to hit the road mid-April, if conditions have improved.

  9. I would wait as well. My friend Tracy who is travelling in South America was in tears yesterday as she was not allowed to cross the border from Colombia to Finlandia. You would find yourself sleeping beside your bike for weeks with no where to sleep and few places to eat. Most borders (USA-Canada) are closed for non-essential travel.

  10. I know Summit County here in Colorado has closed all hotels, restaurants, and bars.

  11. Shelter in place for now

  12. I’d recommend looking at Italy. Epidemiologists already know, this is going to get a lot worse. Our trips are cancelled. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year. But this year, day rides only.

  13. Humboldt county is closing all non essential shops today at midnight.
    Greg’s baja trip got cancelled. Our 40th anniversary is coming up and there’s no where to go to. With restaurants closed, and dwindling supplies at the grocery stores, we’re staying home.
    California has closed the State park campgrounds.

  14. Hotels, motels, campgrounds and other tourist facilities closed in WA state

  15. Started my ride October. Visited most of the National Parks in the west. In the Four Corners area of New Mexico. Gas is amazingly cheap but food is becoming a problem. Not much bread or meat. Vegtables are not looking that good. Some of the state parks are closed. Still been a great ride.

  16. The biggest problem where I live, is the closure of restaurants. Take out only can be an inconvenience while traveling by bike!

  17. Could be an issue if people don’t take it seriously enough and the country gets locked down , otherwise enjoy the ride I guess ud83dude1b

  18. I say ride be safe and enjoy yourself.

  19. Supplies will be an issue. Groceries and gas stations will probably be open but will they have anything to sell. Hotels are definitely closing.

  20. it will be a ride you never forget ,take xtra XTRA EXTRA FUELya never know what could happen,prayn for ya

  21. I had to postpone my Miami to London trip as the snorkel attachment was getting too long.

  22. I’d be looking at next year. We won’t be getting back to ‘normal’ for a long time.

  23. The border with Canada is closed to all but essential travel … I’ll let you decide if that’s applicable.

  24. Check Bunk-a-Biker US Facebook page, lots of us ‘pinned’ on a map, free camping, etc.

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