Cord or rope to use on a tarp or tent?


Dumb question of the day. What is the best type of cord or rope to use on a tarp or tent?

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  1. Climbing rope.

  2. Fishing line…30 lb. Test

  3. Never a dumb question. Answers are what partly why we are here!

  4. For setting up tents and use around camp, I like the cord that has the reflective thread woven in it.

  5. 550 paracord

  6. Nylon rope at the hardware store

  7. I would suggest actual tent cord. You can get it most anywhere that sells tents. This stuff below is neon yellow and reflective. It’ll reduce the number of time you trip i the middle of the night

  8. 550 Paracord – best all round light duty rope.

  9. I like clothesline rope. it doesn’t stretch, is a cotton sheath so it holds knots well, and is as strong as 550 cord.

  10. I like to use a bungee type cord on the end of a good parachute type cord. The flex of the bungee helps prevent the tarp eyes from ripping out in the wind. When you set up it also keeps the lines tight with one pull.

  11. Paracord is hard to beat, easy ti tie and untie, packs small and really strong if you buy decent stuff. It can also be taken apart if you need monofilament for fishing or whatever.

  12. Paracord stretches, do not use it, you can use one called zing it. It’s smaller, lighter and has no stretch at all

  13. I always use Paracord….

  14. You can also get paracord with reflective strips so you don’t trip all over it at night.

  15. If you were a farmer, the answer would be easy – baling twine

  16. You also need some Dutch bling to go with it. Ringworm, Fleaz, hookworm and tarpwarm. Made out of aluminum or titanium. I went with Titanium..

  17. Man, what kind of rope is like asking what kind of paint… depends on the application and to a great extent, what kind of knots(permanent, slip etc) weather resistance, durability… no good answer with out knowing the application. Buy a book about rope and knots and reference it as the unique needs come up.

  18. Zing-It (can be used in multiple applications). No on the paracord.

  19. Paracord and #36 bank line, does everything you’ll ever need. Check out Corporal’s Corner on YouTube, he shows how to make an easy quick deploy ridge line for setting up a tarp in about any configuration imaginable.

  20. 550 cord for everything

  21. I’ve been practicing knots and trying to do a prusik knot on 550 paracord is challenging to say the least. Should I have a different rope size for my ridge line?

  22. Dumb answer of the day one that doesn’t break

  23. Whatever u got.

  24. I used successfully bungie straps when the tarp has grommets. It’s versatile, you can hook them to each other to lengthen, when not in use you find always a lose jumper or else to secure to your bike with it, so use doubles up when you are on the move

  25. Whatever you cant break. Tie 2 ends from a tree branch. Sit in the cradle. No breaky … good to go!

  26. Samson Zing it.
    Paracord has a LOT of stretch, which will make you have to tighten your lines several times.

    I use 1′ ratchet straps with the hammock (with a zing it stringer)

  27. I don’t understand all the complaints about thing that "stretch". Yes, if it has no spring tension then that type of ‘stretch’ becomes annoying. But I’ve always preferred a bit of flex with tarps, often the difference between a quick gust of wind taking your tarp away vs not. I have those small versions of rubber strap that I then connect to whatever longer length of line needed. Heavy bungees work too and obviously useful for attaching other things to the bike. I use doubled paracord for my line usually, but only because it’s what I always have with me. (the real stuff, with monofilament strand, etc)

  28. Whatever you have

  29. The only dumb question is the one not asked.!

  30. Use a bright colored or glow in the dark one

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