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Anyone have a preference on comfortable riding jeans? Looking to pick up a pair

Scott Gammon: I’ve got some Rev’it Lombard jeans. 6’2″, take a 38 to 40 waist and 32 to 34 inseam. They ara a bit snugger than I’d like, but it keeps the armor in place. Wish the drop was a bit deeper in the crotch is really all. Might stretch a bit, not sure yet.

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  1. if you have an american eagle outfitters they have some cheap comfortable jeans

  2. I’m talking riding jeans, ones made with Kevlar or have integrated pads, etc.

  3. yesss. I have perfect ones. They look exactly like regular jeans too, not baggy things

  4. If you want cheap, go with cycle gear Ironworkers jeans.

  5. I have a pair of Icon and Dainese Jeans.

  6. Scorpion covert jeans

  7. Alpinestars oscar jeans are awesome

  8. Here’s a really nice set of new Icon’s. Features look great, adjustable knee pads, flex zones, etc.

  9. Idk I just buy stretch denim, more comfortable.

  10. stay away from Icon 1000 Royal Drive jeans. Extremely cheap material, I ripped the material by putting something in my rear pocket… The fabric ripped, not the seam. I’m interested in Icon Hypersports pants, anyone tried those?

  11. Dainese d1 evos

  12. im not paying 150 for jeans that are going to get filthy every time i ride

  13. I have Ducati brand Dainese jean company 2, I dig it.

  14. The scorpion covert seems like the best option, more Kevlar than any other jean I’ve seen

  15. Icon hooligan

  16. Shorts are the way to go.

  17. American Eagle! Lol

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