Comfortable CBR600RR Seat


Anyone changed their factory seat? Thinking there has to be a more comfortable option….

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Answers ( 19 )

  1. Dont like the cardboard? LoL

  2. Sargent n corbin are ur best options, mine is custom , since my cock & balls are so big i had to have one made.

  3. I had mine done by Wade as well, definitely worth it.

  4. Pm Wade Cotton prices vary

  5. I went with a Saddleman.. It’s a huge upgrade from the stock seat.. It does add some height due to the extra padding, but it’s well worth it..

  6. A layer of tissue paper would be an improvement.

  7. Anyone who is interested can pm me. I have had good success making these seats comfortable by adding gel and memory foam. Seat cover design is pretty much unlimited as well!

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