Comfort Seat Recommendations For Z1000SX


Hi Guys I’m looking for a new seat for my 13 plate with plenty of comfort ..anyone selling one or recommendations as to where to get one . Thanks in advance

Andy Welct 6 years 4 Answers 901 views 0

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  1. You could always get your own seat reworked by Tony Archer….

  2. Got mine done by Tony archer and it’s ace I’ve got the genuine kawasaki gel seat but I think the archer has it beat. I’m a big lad and can do a 500 mile day no problem with it .couldn’t do 200 with the original.

  3. Ok thanks, sounds like that’s the one for Me, is it any particular type of foam or gel I need to ask for ??

  4. I just made sure I asked for gel insert I didn’t specify any type type of foam but you could always ask? I sent mine in the post but you can arrange to go to him and have it done while you wait and apparently they can tailor the seat to you.

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