Cold weather motorcycle gloves?


Any recommendations for cold weather motorcycle gloves?

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  1. just got gerbing gloves, they are the best gloves I have had so far for cold and wet. Haven’t switched the power on yet!!

  2. Tourmaster polar Tex gloves. But heated liners are quite nice when it’s really cold.

  3. Gerbing heated gloves. I love my jacket. All of it plugs into each other. Guaranteed for life

  4. How about warm winter gloves that are waterproof and don’t cost $200.

  5. Heated handgrips is where I would start.

  6. I bought snow mobile flies haven’t had any issues

  7. (I just use snowmobile mittens )

  8. Go to rulal king, save over 50 bucks

  9. Yes get some

  10. Heated grips…..

  11. Only heated gloves or heated grips really work. Alpine star makes some insulated gloves but they are limited in effectiveness.

  12. Try those handle bar covers like used on snowmobiles, I think they’re called elephant hands. You may have to adapt them a little to fit but they’re lined and keep the wind out. Those combined with heated grips, work very well.

    The Original Hippo Handsu2122 – Motorcycle Hand Covers

  14. Ride down to costa rica and keep wearing those fingerless mesh gloves!

  15. A good liner makes a HUGE difference. I spent maybe $40 for mine and they work from riding to hunting

  16. I don’t recommend heated grips. I had them on my Electra Glide. Get you a good set of heated gloves that plug in.

  17. My Heat brand

  18. Klim waterproof gloves, and Oxford heated grips

  19. These are the best out there! Ken will take care of you!

  20. In wet weather have used neoprene gloves. When really cold weather have used mittens. Important to keep core warm for extra heat to hands.

  21. Heated gloves…

  22. MotorFist snowmobile gloves. 100u0025 waterproof. Best non plug in gauntlets I’ve ever used. $130. Long lasting and have a small squeegee on the back for wiping your shield….

  23. Summer gloves with heated grips and Bark Buster Blizzards. Google it.

  24. Heated grips for the palm….electric glove liners for the top/back of the hand. There’s no "fur" in my gloves. ­čÖé

  25. I ride a GSA year round in PA; not the best protection when compared to a full fairing bike. Nevertheless, heated grips keep the inside of your hands warm and heated gloves keep the tops of your hands warm. If you plan to be a serious cold weather rider, I’d consider both.
    Currently using Global Warming gloves that plug-into the bike’s battery. They’re not bad, but I still find cold spots in them.

  26. Yea, wear them !

  27. warm and safe heated gear…..

  28. Electric grips and gloves.

  29. Heated grips and handlebar mitts.

  30. Have Gerbing heated gloves. The work well

  31. Heated gloves and grips work well. However, before I had them, I used snowmobile gloves. I still carry them with me and use them with heated grips when weather turns unexpectedly. Keep in mind that cold is relative. After being in the desert for several days (over 100 degrees) then riding into the mountains, one get cold at 60 degrees. Also, I always keep hand warmers with me for a backup.

  32. keis undergloves work great for me. along with heated vest olso from keiss.

  33. Heated hand grips

  34. I bought a $7 leather pair off of Amazon, for our trip to Breartooth Highway, They are awesome. They are just as warm as my $70 pair of HD gauntlets I had back in the 90’s.

    You don’t have to spend a lot to be warm.

  35. Following….
    I’ve been trying different ones for a while. I found that mittens are the best but not so practical

  36. For the warmth factor alone I go with snowmobile gloves. Plenty warm, just not a lot of protection in the event of a crash

  37. Carhartt storm defender outperforms gloves four times the price (I’m talking to you BMW) they’re $50+ but worth their weight in gold.

  38. I have a Gerbings jacket liner and the gloves as well. I have found them to be a sound investment.

  39. Heated grips.

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