Cold issues with my 2017 300 XT


Hi, I’m having some starting from cold issues with my 2017 300 XT. I’ve had it from 9hrs old, it now has 50 hrs. Each time I go out on it it’s becoming harder and harder to start and becoming smokier and smokier during cranking and first start up. In between riding it leaves constant pools of black oil on the floor leaking from the silencer rivet. When I’m trying to start it, it sprays black oil from the exhaust absolutely everywhere. So I’m guessing in between riding I get a huge build up of oil in engine and exhaust???

Once it’s running it runs great though. I’m running the OI, using putoline MX5.

Any ideas what the issue is and how to address it?


Cold issues with my 2017 300 XT

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  1. Repack your exhaust

  2. Use motul 710 only

  3. Any other oil is too liquid

  4. Been there with cheap oil and i couldnt even moove

  5. How much oil does it takes per tank

  6. You have problem with oil pump, not with oil

  7. Check your resistance values on the TPS sensor. My bike used excessive oil and adjusting the TPS fixed it. Pretty simple procedure. I think its in the file section

  8. Oil pump should be replaced.

  9. Nah, I found that the mixture of oil and gas that the oil pump uses his way richer than needed. I ride at about 5 to 10,000 feet altitude. I failed multiple plugs way faster than I thought I should. Try replacing your plug if you have not done that already. I found all that leaky oil and smoking went away when I went to my own fuel mixture.

  10. Your oil pump is dripping oil into your intake as the bike sits. So when you go to start it, there’s all that extra oil being pulled into the crankcase (making the smoke and spooge).

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