Clanking noise coming


Just got my defender about a month ago and love it! My only question is, is it normal to have a clanking noise coming from the rear end when shifting to different gears? Sometimes its louder than other times and sometimes it doesn't do it at all Thanks for any help!

Clanking noise coming

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  1. Normal to make noise on engagement. Mine does it sometimes. Not nearly as bad as my commander was! Love my defender so far

  2. Yeah normal. Just remember no shifting on the fly

  3. Mine does same thing

  4. Most likely the clutches engaging. obviously Im not there to see/hear it but thats what it sounds like.

  5. Mines does the same since day one

  6. They are great aren’t

  7. I wish we could get them in red. Unfortunately here in nz, we are limited to green for the 5, yellow for the 8 and 10(no 8 xt) and silver for the 10xt.

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