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260 miles yesterday on my new Chieftain. Caught a squall on the way back. Bike handled great in the dry, but got very squirrelly on the wet exits. Any suggestions on better tires?

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  1. Thats great info. I am looking into one these myself and I appreciate you sharing the good and the bad…

  2. The Dunlop in my experience sucks in the rain. I ride daily rain or shine and the E4 Dunlop isn’t really confidence inspiring but they last forever

  3. Metzeler Marathon 888

  4. x2 on the Metzler 888. I put them on mine this year. Did 1000 miles in the black hills a few weeks back and LOTS of rain 2 days. Handlesdit all and carved the corners with ease. Much better than the dunlops.

  5. I love my Dunlap elite 4 in the rain

  6. Commander twos get good reviews

  7. Agreed Dunlops are ok in the dry but no good in the wet n it rains a lot here in Ireland ,good for big mileage in dry weather though

  8. On dirais un tableau de HOOPER !

  9. Michelin Commanders are the best tires for rain that I’ve ever tried.

  10. I just lower my rear tire pressure. I still got 14000 miles out of it. I keep the pressure between 32 and 38 psi. It works for me

  11. Stay off the paint stripes at the exits.

  12. The guys I ride with say Avon is the best in rain and handling. Next Michelin commander 2 after a good break in

  13. Hmm. .I’ve been in rain plenty with the dunlop 3. Never felt bad to me. Tire pressure ok?

  14. How many miles in them, they gotta get scuffed

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