Changing the front indicators on 2014 Kawasaki Z1000


Has anyone changed the front indicators on their 2014 Z? Can’t make my mind up what to go for, any suggestions?

Graham 6 years 5 Answers 613 views 0

Answers ( 5 )

  1. 121536190152 eBay item no \nHave a look at them from America

  2. I have.. Think Ry suggestion above is for the ones with indicators built into lights? Easy to install and look good. Also got replacements for front.. Not fitted yet.

  3. It’s the front ones I’m undecided on Andi, I’m going to order a tail light and do away with the rears

  4. How does your tail light look with the lights off? Is it the smoked one?

  5. I got little stubby things,no stem.. Again off eBay. Tail looks better with no indicators, and yes it’s the smoked one.

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