Cforce 500 low gear or high gear?


Random/stupid question. Bought a new 2021 cforce 500. Dealer said to keep it in low gear most of the time. The book said to use high gear for prolonged high speeds. I normally keep it below 20mph. Am I good keeping it in low?

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  1. I cant stand to run mine in low gear unless IM crawling or plowing snow. I run in high almost all the time. In low the engine sounds like its going to blow up.

  2. Uforce 1000 20 and under I keep mine in low

  3. I’m struggling with that also

  4. High always high except for crawling, towing of climbing

  5. Low 80 percent of the time .

  6. I have found high if you’re driving normal low if you get stuck on mud or like I towing or ect

  7. Put her in high and send it!

  8. I use high for any kind of riding low for pulling or extremely deep sticky mud. An havnt a problem with belt slipping an havnt been through a belt yet 350miles

  9. Well I guess it’s high then. Lol. It’s my first automatic so I’m just trying everything I can to not have a belt slip. Thanks for the advice everyone.

  10. All 3 of mine get run in low 95% of the time.

  11. My dealer said to keep it n high unless pulling,climbing, deep mudding. Use high 90% of the time.

  12. I have a 500 and in normal driving conditions I always use high have had no problems

  13. Yep……mine spends 90% of its life in low.

  14. Ugh I’m so confused now. Half say high.. half say low

    • Here’s the deal. Some folks hate the high rpm at 20 mph in low gear around (6500 rpm) others have no issue revving the motor (like myself) and using the machine the way it was built. It has more acceleration in low, the gearing is great when you have bumps that you need to slow down often for, I can just about wheelie in low because of the torque. High gear is mushy and doesn’t get you any torque till you get to upper rpms. 2020 600 touring. 0-25mph LOW gear, and 25+HIGH gear. Belts are not cheap, parts are not cheap and the repair shop is def not cheap. @ 5000rpms+- both LOW and HIGH are at 12mph. It feels way too slow for HIGH gear for me. @6500rpm+-LOW gear starting to scream at 19mph. Hit the throttle it’s got plenty more. @7500rpm LOW gear now it’s at 30mph. If your gonna be slowing down a lot or hitting bumps LOW is best. If your on open strips or road and you’re not slowing down much use HIGH gear. Using HIGH all the time is not bad if you never go slow or ride in a straight line. This is my opinion on the subject as I have seen many posts of this nature about the CF Motos. Best advice for anyone is talk to CFMOTO people directly (yes you can just call and get a person to talk to) or use the manual along with the maintenance records and warranty info inside the booklet. GOOD LUCK!

  15. I ran high 95% of the time unless I was crawling, climbing, or steep down climb.

  16. the most important thing about an auto and preventing belt slip is throttle usage. Don’t let the belt get grabbed gently. Like the manual says “ push the throttle with purpose!” Same as a sled. As for H n L I use my ears. If I feel like the engines screaming in L then H is the way. If I feel like I’m lugging in H then stop and shift to L. You’ll get the feel in a ride or two. Good luck.

  17. Mine in low at 10 mph is running about 5000 rpm. That seems excessive to me.

  18. My Polaris sportsman never put it in low. Not even once. Belt lasted 1,000 miles. No sure yet how I’m going to handle my CForce. Sounds like to much RPMs in low

  19. My break in was done after taking it off the trailer, no low unless needed, and it is rarely needed, send it, have fun and enjoy the ride.

  20. I’m just bought the same unit. I use low around the yard. If I’m going to be going over 20 mph for sustained distance then I use high. Driving in high gear at low speed,3-6 mph, can damage the unit. According to the book.

  21. Low in the cforce 500 is really low. If your running 10 and under run Low, mud , hills , or pulling low, otherwise we run high in ours.

  22. I’m always in high unless loaded or muddying or hills most times don’t get over 30kmh on farm

  23. Go by your manual I have 500 2019 and followed the manual no problems important thing to follow is when in high no more the half throttle or short high bursts for the first 100 miles then 3/4 throttle in high for the next 100 miles after that send it but to answer you question on only low I ran low of under 20 or going up an incline

  24. The manual tells you to keep it in low if under 25 or 30 mph, it states it will save on transmission

  25. Always in high unless I’m towing, plowing or hill climbing. This is advice from my dealer who knows his stuff.

  26. I was told to keep about keeping my 2021 600 in low if I’m going 20mph or slower

  27. Mine is four years old ran it in high from day one never had a issue

  28. We use high gear except for steep hills and deep mud

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