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I have been researching your SxS products an have a question or two. Why is there such a difference in warranties between Canada & the USA. Also the difference in accessories available between the two as well. Will 2018 be different ? Thanks for listening.


There is a difference in the warranty because Canda puts the cost of an extended warranty into the cost of a vehicle so you may think it is “free” but in actuality, you are paying for it. As far as accessories this has been a priority for us along with establishing a great dealer network and customer base. There are several great aftermarket companies that offer incredible products for our machines.

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  1. No change in warranties for 2018. There will be more accessory offerings.

  2. I believe the factory warranty remains the same between both, but in Canada there is an extended warranty that is included with the unit, that is underwritten by a different party? I could be wrong though.

  3. The only accessory that I am aware of that is not yet available for cfmoto is portals, everything else accessory wise you can purchase for a cfmoto

  4. No idea why there is a difference in warranty terms but would pay a little more for extended length in the US for mine if it was available.

  5. The portals I have are for a RZR.

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