Just bought a cfmoto cforce 500 ho. Anybody had the idle not come down on theirs? It’s at 1750 even when warmed up. Also is there a valve for a reserve on the gas tank?

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  1. Mime used to idle at 1800, dealer dropped it down to around 1500 ish to combat low speed surging issue

  2. Thats right were mine runs. Figures that was fine.

  3. Bosch fuel injection 2018 model

  4. no reserve just fuel pump

  5. Mine was at 1750 and it made slow clutch engagement very harsh and very hard to even load in my truck. After reading many threads about this issue, I turned my idle down to 1450. It’s like a totally different machine. The hard part is getting the throttle screw adjusted. They locktight the crap out of it. So you will have to remove the whole adjuster screw by backing it off with the jam nut. Once you have the screw and nut off, you can wire wheel the locktite off and thread it back in with your fingers until you find the 1450 idle speed then tighten the jam nut. Keep in mind that when you make adjustments to this screw, you also have to adjust the cable slack up at the throttle until you have the correct free play in your throttle. If you don’t, the throttle won’t return completely to idle or it will raise when you turn the bars. I couldn’t even believe that dealers would let these things out with the idle set 200 rpms higher than the manual says. Good luck, this adjustment is well worth it.

    • Mine is not carbureted so I don’t believe I can just turn a set screw???

    • Eric what year is your machine?

    • Mine is not carbureted either. There is an idle screw that is visible from the right side (black side cover and seat off). Rotate the throttle while looking in there. Your throttle cables go to a plate that rotates when you work the throttle. When you release the throttle you will see the bottom of that plate contact a screw with a jam nut. If your idle is high, it needs adjusted out. Make sure you read my earlier post because you will never get it to adjust due to its location and the loctite unless you remove the whole screw.

      Sorry, mine is a 2017 CForce 500 HO EPS. Forgot to answer that part of your question.

    • Eric Evans but how did you set your idle air control doing that?

    • I did not have to adjust anything but the idle stop screw. When I say adjust, I’m talking less than a quarter turn to get the idle where it should have been set from the factory. This screw serves no other purpose than to set the stop travel on the throttle. It is no different than any fuel injeced motorcycle that has a remote idle adjustment knob. Check the internet for CForce 500 HO drivability issue and you will see that many did what I did and it made a world of difference with no ill effects to the fueling. Take it back to the dealer if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. I did it myself because I’ve been working on my own bikes and cars for over 25 years.

    • Eric Evans thanks for the info. Bought a 2018 CForce 500 HO last week , it also came from the dealer set at 1750 RPM . I had the same low speed driving issues you described, very jerky, hard to maintain a steady slow speed, even difficult to load on a trailer. Followed your advice and lowered the rpm to 1450 today and like you said drives like a totally different machine!! We can enjoy riding it now!! Well worth taking the time to make the adjustment! ! Thanks !!

  6. I see u have a moose plow installed…did u install? If so, where did u find a mounting plate? I have the same plow but no .ointing plate and I’d like to pit it on my Zforce800trail!

  7. Would like to add check your lug nuts. Lost one at only 20 miles and the two front wheels were finger tight at best and the back I got a half a turn out of them at least

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