CF Moto wire harness is bad!


my brand new 2017 500 and has 75 miles on it and has been in shop now 2 weeks and will be there 2 more! wire harness is bad! factory default! 14 hour job! THANK GOD ITS UNDER WARRANTY!!

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  1. What kind of problems with wiring?

  2. Did you have them put in the wiring harness that allows you to start engine in any gear (foot brake must be activated) or was it already installed

  3. I got the same four wheeler 129 miles on mine. So far no problems. I got the 5year warranty so I figure they can fix it if it breaks.

  4. It blew fuses and then it ran for a little while then it blew more fuses thinking it would be the ignition switch that wasn’t it the volt regulator that wasn’t it so the pinpointed it all the way down to the wire harness

  5. We are gonna get together and ride I promise brother.

  6. On my bike it has you got to push the break down to started but there’s no power going to the bike so it’s a factory default so they’re going to fix it

  7. My buddies new razor had to have harness replaced also, everything is built on an assembly line, cars, boats, motorcycles, rvs, atvs etc, so there will be a few with issues no matter what the brand.

  8. 1440 miles on my Zforce and id buy another Cfmoto. I follow almost all Cfmoto pages and several Polaris pages and believe me Polaris has ALOT OF ISSUES. Many more then Cfmoto

  9. I have 2 cfmotos. Love them. No issues

  10. Are they going to add another month to your warranty? They should.

  11. I’m a side by side "type" but this one is a beauty!

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