CF MOTO valve adjust after 10 hours?


Have a question about CFMoto….. do they really have to have the valves adjusted after 10hrs?? If so, why?????

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  1. Only if needed

  2. Well unless i missed the memo… I have 2000 miles on mine n ever touched them.

  3. Thank you!!! I just don’t wanna purchase one and then spend another $300 on having them adjusted…..

  4. My dealer told me only if they get noisy or i notice a loss in power

  5. Is it in the manual

  6. I was told after 20 hours or 410 miles and so the manufacturer’s warranty stays valid

  7. 3700 miles on mine and didnt get them adjusted yet

  8. I have a great dealer 1100 miles on mine he told me not to worry about it

  9. First I heard.

  10. Best I understand it – break in period allows components to "seat" to each other – which can allow something like a valve to be out a tiny bit… and tiny bit is all it takes to adjust fuel/gas ratio, ie: power — but not a mechanic… and I usually go with how it sounds, if it has a purry even cadence, engine is just fine

  11. My ZForce 500 wouldn’t start after a 75 mile ride that pushed the miles to 507.

    Adjusted valves and it’s never ran better.

    Easier job than expected.

  12. ALL engines are ‘supposed’ to be looked at during its first service. Whether or not they are is another discussion

  13. 3200 miles no adjustment at all

  14. Part of the break in period service. Will prevent any future damages by ensuring the machine is running properly. It’s common for any vehicle.

  15. Any engine with adjustable valves should have them adjusted after a break-in period, and once in a while through the life of an engine. It used to be part of a tune-up on cars, but that went away with hydraulic lifters. Many will argue that it isn’t needed because they haven’t had a problem, but could it be possible that it would run better if they did? It’s also a good idea to go through things once in a while to make sure things aren’t coming loose, or items needing attention.

    You can adjust them yourself for not much money, but it takes time, and some disassembly.

  16. Pretty sure it’s in the 2020 600 touring manual after 200 miles to check clearance and adjust if needed.

  17. How much plastics need to come off on 600


  19. I never did on either one of mine. Work fine to this day.

  20. Our Z force wouldn’t start at 507 miles. We changed the filters, oil, spark plug, etc. Called the dealer and they asked how many miles on it. He said at 500…the valves needed adjusted. Bingo! Runs and starts like a dream.

  21. Did mine at 2000 miles

  22. I did my cforce at 700km, peace of mind as the manual suggests i did it. I have a cforce 400 and i had to take my gas tank right off. Lol to get to the valve heads

  23. I along with others here will tell you to ( at least check them ). 2850 miles on mine and they been adjusted 2 times and checked a 3rd time. 2 of those times several were on the tight side. It’s easy to check them on the zforce.

  24. The first check, yeah.

  25. While on that case…Any body got the valve clearance spec on a z1000 please…Mine on 1600 miles and just for piece of mind I wanna check them….Rather safe than sorry

  26. My dealer said it was about 3-4 adjustments before 1k miles. I’ve gotten 2 done. 1 after my break in period and then one at 1,900 miles. They said they all needed to be adjusted quite a bit in my last one. Helped with response for sure. I had all my plastics ripped off when I gave them the machine for easy access. 1.5 hours of work including going over the machine as well. Easy peezy.

  27. I have a ZFORCE 800 In the shop due to not having the valves adjusted

  28. Beau Buncich

  29. This is good to know. I just picked up the 500 ho . Only had 60 miles on it for a 2018 .

  30. I did mine and didnt need adjustment. They were fine.

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