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Hey all, I'm sure this gets asked a ton but I'm fairly new to power sports. I have a quad now but need to get something that will legally carry a passenger so my son can come out ice fishing with me. So I guess my question is other than the lower price is there a reason you decided to buy a CF Moto over other brands? I see a few posts in here of problems some guys have had, most look like rare issues which I would expect with any brand but is there any known issues with the side by sides that you would fix right away? We dont ride a lot, mostly just winter ice fishing so I'm not hard on my machines, and looking through all the reviews and comparisons I keep coming back to Moto's. Thanks for any info…

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  1. Upgrade the battery is the only thing I would say. I love mine so far

  2. I love mine.I had polaris before and quality is a lot better on this.You have to take in consideration that most people with issues will post to get help.People with no issues dont always post.they come with a lot of stuff that are extra on other brands like winch, hitch,handguards,etc.

  3. Chose my 800xc at face value. Looked good, had all the extras as standard features and had a great price tag. Havent had it long but I love it. I personally plan on sticking with them past this one. For the money its hard to beat.

  4. Giving the product a chance basically. If it fails I won’t buy another one or recommend.

  5. The extras are what lured me in for the money you cant beat CF

  6. yeah screw polaris like Hartley said, i hated mine, only thing i’d go to over a cfmoto is a honda

  7. Love mine for riding and fishing. If I was using more for fishing I would go with uforce

  8. Chicks dig um

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