CF MOTO motor replacement after 2 months


Ok, so I’m in a cross roads. When I got my 2019 cf moto I was in love. I haven’t put it through the ringer as much as some of you are putting yours through. I’ve had several issues with it.

Motor replacement after 2 months-motor was defective.

Full clutch replacement after 4 months-found to be defective.

Brake problems-cf moto would not cover under warranty.

Check engine light after 5 months. Bad sensors.

Now it’s back in the shop for a new clutch and it’s been there for 2 months going on 3. Cf moto does not want to take care of it or check out the 4wheeler to see why there is so many issues.

My intent was to buy the 2020 800 this year but now I’m have second thoughts.

I’m stuck making payments on something that’s been at the dealer for repairs then my actual driveway.

Does anyone know anyone that sells used parts for these in the US? Really wanting to get back on the trails but CF MOTO can’t give any dealers on when they will start manufacturing the clutch again.

I’ve spoke to CF MOTO there is only 2 parts houses they sell to in the US and they have a patent on the clutch which is making it to where there is no others out there making aftermarket clutches or OM parts.

CF MOTO motor replacement after 2 months

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  1. Just a thought. Check into the lemon law. It’s worth a try.

  2. This is my biggest fear when buying any machine these days. I think universally Honda is recognized as the most reliable but even then they do have their problems. My cforce 400 has been a tank but just recently got the oil pressure light. Hoping it’s just a fuse or something electrical. My RZR900 has been a beast so far but a buddy of mine always has his in the shop as well as his canam xmr. Warranty work every other time we go out. Yet my other buddy has his ole Honda 300 from 30 years ago still puttin along. Not sure if the new Honda’s are still like that tho. Overall it’s disappointing using these newer machines. But I haven’t noticed cfmoto being any less reliable than 90 percent of brands out there and they are significantly cheaper.

  3. Not sure if lemon law counts but contact an attorney. I know sometimes they can get things worked out for you

  4. You gotta call cvtTech directly. They might be able to help you better than cfmoto will. I swear those people in the so called main office are just about useless.

  5. I wonder if the can am one would work

  6. That’s sad. I have Z800 with 1800 miles and no serious problems. Contact CFMOTO corporate offices and calmly spell it out.?

  7. Call cfmoto corporate office and talk to them sound like your dealer doesn’t know what there doing

  8. Mortch Motor they got me all of my oem parts from cf moto extremely fast!

  9. Maine Outdoor Sports powersport rentals has parts (new and used), rentals, sales, and service. 100u0025 best in business.

  10. Could give motorcycle doctor a looksee. New parts though.

  11. im parting out a 17 Z 800 ex if any parts will work for ya, 507-259-0573

  12. Man I would fix it and sell it or get insurance on it and it would disappear. Get ya a Japanese bike with a extended warranty..

  13. I haven’t had any motor issues

  14. Lemon trade it

  15. I’ve had clutchs issue as well, been waiting 6 weeks for the new ones to arrive

  16. As a guy who’s been around cvt sytems in powersports for years, all I can say is that multiple cvt component failures typically are not defects of the parts, but of operator error, misuse, neglect, etc. They’re not automobile transmissions. Feel free to disagree, but I see it all too often.

  17. I had a friend and his machine has similar issues for about 2 years. They replaced his with a new one.

  18. Is it the clutch that’s gone or is it that variator? I’m going through the same issue with getting parts in Australia

  19. Check with Hester’s Motorsports Inc., he might be able to get you the parts you need.

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