CF MOTO 600 or 800?


Was going go get a 600 and an 800 both 2up but I got denied for financing. So I decided to get 2 600 2ups. Is it worth changing my mind to pitch in $1700 more to get the 800?

CF MOTO 600 and 800

CF MOTO 600 and 800

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  1. Never rode the 600 but I love the 800 I ended up getting a deal because I bought a loft over 2019 and love it you’re a bigger guy the extra horsepower is nice

  2. If you have bigger people get the 800. I’ve seen two bigger people on a 600 and it’s hurting. Also the vtwin sounds so good.

  3. 800. Has trailing rear a arms. Amazing ride

  4. I was told if u have a 2 up then u will want the 800. The 600 is under powered for 2 people.

  5. If you are power hungry the 800 is awesome, BUT the 600’s are FANTASTIC! Will carry 2 people over 60mph np, great power and steering, suspension is good too, we are working on upgraded Elkas for all the C-Forces to make them EPIC ride quality, but box stock the 600 is no slouch.

  6. I have a non 2 up 600 and i ride double all the time no struggles for me. Plenty of grunt and i came to CF from a 450r so i know speed

  7. I’ve let friends of mine use my 2up 600. They are both over 250lbs each. It had no issues keeping up with the rest of us.

  8. Love my 800.

  9. I want to know who still has that kind of inventory in stock???

  10. My 800 is a beast

  11. Stupid question, but did you get the financing for the 2 600s, but not for the 600 and 800? I’m just curious.

  12. I have 500HO (2up) with me and my wife on it we get it going up to 54 mph and topped out on that lol

  13. FOR SALE
    I have a brand new 600 touring if anyone is looking only 4 miles on it

  14. Thank you guys for the input. I changed my mind last minute to save myself $1700 bucks. I have to spend $14,300 cash out the door tomorrow on 2 600 2ups. 1 of them includes a plow installed.

  15. 2 totally different machines. The 800 is a different animal

  16. Bought a 600 in February. Great machine. But then drove a 800 in may and had to have it. Not knocking the 600 but the 800 is a whole different animal.

  17. To me the biggest difference is going from a single cylinder in the 600 to the v-twin motor in the 800. I’ve had the v-twin Kawasaki Brute Forces in the past, and the torque and response is just so might tighter. To me, it is worth it. Just picked up my 2020 800 last weekend.

  18. they are both great!! I haven’t drove the 600 2 up. But the 600 has very light steering thanks to its strong power steering and my wife really enjoys driving it because of how smooth and easy it is to drive and has excellent turning radius and it also is the only one in my possession that hasn’t had over heating problems during a long aggressive ride on these hot summer days. But if you want aggressive power then you will want one to be the 800. They drive and feel very different. You would enjoy having one of each. That’s what we have. Before you buy; I would get the dealer to let you drive both and see what you think

  19. My wife loves her 800 … I still got stuck with the 500

  20. Honestly I would ask to try the 800 unbelievable difference

  21. Without a doubt,,,,,,,,,,,

  22. Listen to dave ramsey’s program about financing.

  23. I have the 600 2 up. Always two riders. We are big people. We do no lack for power or comfort. I can top out about 60 mph myself…50 with two riders. Very torquay on the bottom end. I have no desire to have a bigger machine.

  24. I got 1 of each. Drop the 1700

  25. I went with the 800 and 600

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