CBR600RR Tyre Pressures?


What tyre pressures are people running for honda cbr 600rr? I am new I just bought my 600rr.

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  1. How long is a piece of string lol. Whatever feels good for u. I got 30f 30r at moment and seems good. Diablo rosso

  2. 36/42 is what honda/dunlop recommend, but I know most people go softer,

  3. I’ve tried loads of combos but recommended was real hard, try 30F and 32R see how it feels once warmed up

  4. Depends on what you’re doing. 36-42 is good for course. Adjust to liking. Much lower if your stuntin.

  5. Depends on what kind of riding you do. I run a lower back pressure for wheelies.

    • 27psi ? wheelies allday

    • When I first started I didn’t know any better and could not figure out why my wheelies went to the right. I got so frustrated with it cause I knew I could stretch them out if I could only go straight. A guy with some experience one day told me to let tire pressure out. I went from like 40psi to about 35psi and what do know my wheelies went straight just like that. Now I run about 32psi and they always go straight. Amazing how something that minor can make such a huge difference.

    • Ohhhhh yea an also using different company tires also changes everything.

    • Ya I went from a Shinko to a Michelin Pilot Power 3 Plus wet track tire. It’s night and day.

  6. Too many variables… Ran 28/28 at the track on a cold-ish day per recommendation of a very fast rider in advanced. Felt fantastic. Been running 32/38 on the street, may try backing the rear down some if we get a warm enough day to hit some twisties again soon. Edit: dunlop q3 sportmax tires

  7. 36 and 42. Just want the manual says lol

  8. 34/32

  9. I was running lower than recommended on the tire wall and felt great than I went and had her looked at by my mechanic (fork seals leaking) and he put recommended air back in and it felt so squirrelly I’m going to play with it today and let some air out and go for a rip. Thanks for all the posts on here guys all I know is to much air is squirrelly if that makes sense to everyone.

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