CBR Into a Street Fighter


Anyone in here made their cbr into a street fighter? Thinking about doing it to mine and need some inspiration!

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Answers ( 9 )

  1. Mine in a stunter :)…. Still not finished tho so excuse the lack of clips and things on cables and hoses lol

  2. Lots of people have crashed their cbrs and made them “streetfighters.”

  3. Sell it and get a hornet? keep a nice bike nice?

  4. If its not crashed its not fightered …. thats my motto on it anyway hahaha

  5. Buy a Bandit to do that…Honda doesnt deserve to down like that!

  6. My mate done it with his

  7. Sell your bike, buy a naked.

  8. no buy a cheap one do it up

  9. Why would you do that ? The fairings serve a purpose . I think it just looks like you crash a lot and don’t have the new parts yet.

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