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I need some speedo advice. Its reading incorrectly (too high) on my 74. When I’m going 30 it reads 35, at 70 it reads 80 (compared to GPS). The bike has dual front discs and if I remember correctly there is a modifaction or replacement of something in the front hub related to the speedo drive housing. What do I need to do to get this thing reading correctly?

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  1. All Honda speedos read about 10% higher than they should.

  2. learn the difference and live with it. old wheel driven, cable speeds were inaccurate at best .

  3. back in 1974 they didn’t have gps

  4. Tire size can change it…

  5. Stock size tire

  6. is your speedo OEM?

  7. motorcycle speedo’s are usually 10% out..a speedo that is 100% accurate is the cronametric speedo that jumps up in 1 km/mile per hour increments ….the bike speedo has a magnetic cylinder that drags the speedo needle around so never accurate

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