Cat delete (R1)


Possibly a stupid question but anyone able to tell me if a cat delete is worth it ?

And makes much difference


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  1. Yes, weight difference you will feel immediately, sounds better as well

  2. Yes lots of difference. Better performance. Less weight and a cooler leg.

  3. okay wicked cheers sounds like the go then

  4. yeah was thinkinh cat delete, new slip ons, ecu flash and then a tune but havent found anywhere close that flashes or tues bikes :/

  5. Where do you live

  6. All of the above I tune my own on he flashtune, it will run pretty good, the more tuning knowledge you have the better. Pm any questions

  7. Flash tune is a great product, and it’s really all about layering, if you have an 09+ you’re set

  8. I flash and dyno bikes every week. My work is very top notch. Lemme know if you’re interested.

  9. yeah im in tassie and mines 05 and havent checked an online flash of line yet

  10. You can’t flash a 05 with flash tune. Also the 05 isn’t heavily restricted like the 07-15 is. I honestly wouldn’t even worry about a flash with your bike. Get a PCV and ignition module and tune it that way. That will get you the best results

  11. I went the cheap route and hollowed my cat out…. sounds good lol

  12. did it work tommy ? any good ( although still thnking exhausts) and okay may get a power commander 5 and tune it with that cheers

  13. Sounds great. Didn’t really notice a power difference

  14. Did my 04 just take the guts out of it put a pc 3 on it

  15. okay yeah more looking for it to sound bit better and yeah pc 3 or 5

  16. Pc just makes it a bit smoother

  17. yeah sounds like the go its pretty much stock at this point

  18. Yes well worth it

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